Wondrous Westport

Definitely, the forsythia look fantastic. For sure, the cherry blossoms are spectacular.

But it’s not only flowers and trees that make a Westport spring so special.

Yesterday — near Indian River Green, just south of the train station on Saugatuck Avenue — alert “06880” reader Scott Singer spotted a couple of beautiful birds.

Yellow warbler

Yellow warbler

“A seemingly boring little pond by the side of the road has turned into an Audubon Society member’s dream (I am not one, but I own one of their books),” he writes.

“The amazing treasures of Westport are all around, if we simply take a moment to look closely.”

Common grackle. (Photos/Scott Singer)

Common grackle. (Photos/Scott Singer)


2 responses to “Wondrous Westport

  1. Wendy Cusick

    Beautiful! Thanks for Sharing. To get the yellow warbler shot you must an incredible zoom on your camera. Drive by that all the time, I see white egrets, mallard ducks and sometimes a heron.

  2. Joyce Bottone

    Natural Beauty at its best. Thanks for sharing. Though it’s a little early, it’s been lovely to hear the birds chatting amongst themselves, each morning!