O Say Can You See This Amazing Honor Court?

Boy Scout Courts of Honor are special events. Achieving Eagle Scout — and sharing the day with fellow troop members, leaders, family and friends — is a moment any Scout will always remember.

But last Sunday’s Court of Honor at Christ & Holy Trinity Church was extra special.

To open the ceremony — at which Westport’s Troop 100 feted Aaron Samuels, Cole Moyer and John Foley — 3 Staples Orphenians sang the national anthem.

A blog for adult Scout leaders callled it  “musical gold that’ll make you proud to be a Scout or Scouter, and proud to be an American.”

Those weren’t just 3 random juniors plucked off the stage. All are connected with  Troop 100. On the left is former Scout Keanan Pucci; on the right is Life Scout Wellington Baumann.

And there in the middle is Aaron Samuels — singing before becoming an Eagle Scout, on a day no one there will ever forget.

(Hat tip: former Scoutmaster Jennifer Jackson)

2 responses to “O Say Can You See This Amazing Honor Court?

  1. Marcia Wright

    I remember the personal pride I felt when I was invited to attend the celebration of one of *my* students when he became an Eagle Scout, and I was able to view his project. I also ran into a former student who was already an Eagle Scout and recalled that it always kind of bothered my dad that he never had time to finish his Eagle Scout requirements as he left for college at fifteen.

  2. Jo Dickison

    What an impressive performance. It struck the right chord, and gave us chills!