We Earned This!

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

(Photo/Ellen Wentworth)

12 responses to “We Earned This!

  1. Sally Palmer


  2. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Beautiful photo by Ellen Wentworth and gorgeous tree and blue sky.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    And we appreciate it that much more!

  4. Sheree Purcell

    Wow! Absolutely fantastic!!

  5. Gerry kuroghlian


  6. Robert Mitchell

    Hope that white stuff isn’t actually new snow…

  7. Susan Hopkins


  8. I just took a picture of our weeping cherry…finally in full bloom.

    Sarah Tamm *Avid reader of your blog

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  9. robin scarella

    Gorgeous and yes yes yes, we did!!!!

  10. Nice one, Ellen!

  11. Bobbi Essagof

    Great job Ellen