Hooray! Not Another Bank Or Nail Salon!

Instead, the former Getty station between Qdoba and the Saugatuck Church has been transformed into something we really need:

New quick mart

A gas station with coffee, hot dogs, sandwiches and snacks.

Plus 24-hour towing. Though don’t ask me how it all will fit.

Westporters of a certain age remember what this spot looked like, back in the day:

Dairy Queen, Westport CT 1956

Look closely. That’s a police car at Dairy Queen. (Hover over or click the photo.)

Life was so simple then.

17 responses to “Hooray! Not Another Bank Or Nail Salon!

  1. Myles MacVane

    That police car, …a ’55 Ford? That would have been the year my parents moved their family to Westport!

  2. Myles MacVane

    BTW, nice frames for the photos. They look great, and make the photos stand out well!

    On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 10:26 AM, Myles MacVane wrote:

    > That police car, …a ’55 Ford? That would have been the year my parents > moved their family to Westport! >

  3. Myles – I think you have the year right, but I think the car is a Plymouth.

  4. I drove by and noticed that “Grand Opening” yesterday. I find it hard to believe that all that signage, flags, banners, etc., are in keeping with the covenants of the P&Z or town in general?? Anyone know? Does anyone else find it to be a terrible eyesore?

    • Michael Calise

      “special advertising devices” are allowed for 30 days in the instance of a new business opening

      • Thanks for the clarification, Michael. I will mark 30 days in my calendar! 🙂

  5. Imagine a town without blogs! 😉

  6. Stephanie Bass

    …don’t we need tacky stuff so we can dis them?

  7. A. David Wunsch

    I remember how cold and fresh the water was at the fountain on the side of the Dairy Queen.
    ADW Staples 1956

  8. I just noticed something in the vintage picture that I don’t think I picked up on before. There’s a sign that says “PINES DRIVIN SNACK BAR.” So, was this some kind of local mom & pop hangout before DQ came in and took over the space? And, if so, was this the first franchise/fast food establishment to set up shop in Westport?

    I vaguely recall going to a DQ in high school where the Barn (?) Restaurant is now located and, before that, Swanky Frank’s. Margaret H, if you’re reading this, am I right about the location back then? You worked there at one point in high school, am I right? Or has my memory betrayed me?

    • Yes, Dairy Queen was at the site of the current Little Barn (and before that, Swanky Frank’s) for a number of years, starting in the late 1960s/early ’70s). Home of the “Brazier Burger,” which high school kids always pronounced “brassiere.”

      The original Dairy Queen must have vanished soon after this photo was taken. Most older Westporters remember far more vividly the Crest Drive-In, which took its place. I have not been able to find a photo of it — but the stories are legendary.

      • Dan, i think i started putting on weight at the DQ around 1951; i particularly liked the milky/eggy taste of their huge shakes. would drive
        up there from Cedar Point, where i drove that launch, do a shake, and get back real fast, so as not to invoke the wrath of Capt. Bob Tooker by being
        late. as soon as i got off work, i would get right back to the DQ and quaff
        another big shake before supper.

  9. Dale Eyerly Colson

    The Crest Drive-In WAS legendary! I can still taste those chili-dogs in my mind.

  10. Michael Calise

    Dairy Queen and Plymouth police cars relics of the past!

  11. Peter Prigge

    The police car looks more like a Plymouth than Ford. Note that it is 2 door. The Pines was coffee sandwich shop owned by a pilot. The gas station was owned by Bye Latimer who later was a police Special on marine patrol. The gas pumps were removed when the church was moved across the Post Road.

  12. Jill Turner Odice

    I remember the Crest also…We moved to Westport in 1966. The Big old house behind where Friendly’s used to be was the Pine Knoll Inn ( or Flophouse as we called it then…) I stayed there for a few weeks and remember Jot Kemper and his sister ran it…Did they have anything to do with the snack bar?

  13. Robert Mitchell

    One problem for the new owners: they covered the existing Getty sign (former Tydol sign) with their own sign. However, at night when the sign is illuminated, the Getty emblem shines brightly through. Hope this is a temporary problem.