Maserati Rolls Into Town

Weston Magazine threw a welcome-to-Westport party tonight for our new Maserati dealer. The site — across from Carvel — is the former J. McLaughlin (which in turn replaced the original Hay Day).

It was a great evening, with plenty of fine art, food and drinks.

And of course, fine autos.

Among the folks admiring the handsome cars were longtime Westport artist/icon Miggs Burroughs, and Liz Beeby.

Miggs and Maserati

This just may be the push I need to upgrade from my Toyota Camry.


8 responses to “Maserati Rolls Into Town

  1. Happen to have a neighbour with one. Really noisy engine. Maybe that’s the point. Sigh.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    That really noisy engine is what Consumer Reports, in its April issues, calls “a thrilling bark.” Consumer Reports also reports the Maserati is the lowest rated of the the eight “ultra luxury” cars it tested.

  3. Every time I drive by that place I start singing Ted Nugent’s “Wango Tango” to myself.

  4. How about Joe Walsh…”I drive my Maserati at 185mph…I lost my license now I can’t drive.”

  5. Look at the bright side, at least Maseratis can’t drive and park over curbs.

  6. During the winter, my teenage-son and I crawled pass the forthcoming Maserati dealership on the messy Post Road. He, loving the idea of a “legit sports-car” “right here,” recommended that we get one. Scoffing with a smile, I said, “How come?” “Because,” he said. “They’re good in the snow.”

    Well, but of course…..

  7. Wendy Cusick

    Mrs Feliciano’ and Mr Floyd’s comments gave me a good laugh!