One Less Place To Buy Drugs

It’s official: Walgreens is closing its longtime HomeGoods shopping center location (opposite Shake Shack). A source says that employees have been told they will be retained, but they have not been told where.

Walgreens has a 2nd Westport location, just a couple of miles away across from the Sherwood Diner.

The company —  the largest drug retailing chain in the US, with over 8,000 stores — recently abandoned plans to build a new facility just over the Southport line. Neighbors had filed a legal challenge with Fairfield’s Plan and Zoning Commission.

Before it was Walgreens, the HomeGoods plaza site was occupied by MediMart.

Meanwhile, the most important question is: Why is Walgreens’ logo red?

Walgreens logo

14 responses to “One Less Place To Buy Drugs

  1. Visibility? Red stands out.

  2. Higher visibility

  3. According to FamousLogos the red color in the Walgreens logo represents purity, vitality, prosperity and business responsibility of the company. Although I’m with the earlier comments about visibility. Of course if Charles Walgreen had kept his father’s name we’d have had Olofsson’s and the tongue in cheek question would not have been asked.

  4. Amy Lin Meyerson

    Hi Dan, Moms in Weston FB posting from April 12th said it was rumored to be Michael’s going into that spot. Happy Spring! Amy Amy Lin Meyerson, Esq. Tel. 203.232.4322 Fax. 203.548.9213 Email: Website:

  5. Sandy Soennichsen

    Here is why: The red color in the Walgreens logo represents purity, vitality, prosperity and business responsibility of the company.

  6. I’m not surprised that the store is closing. The last time I was there, it was disorganized, under-stocked and dirty. The other Westport store is none of those. It was also disconcerting to have the TV monitor in your face as soon as you entered the store in case any bad guys who intended to rob it would be caught as soon as they entered.

  7. One place FEWER to buy drugs. And it should be “10 or fewer items” in the Walgreen’s checkout line (at least that’s what they post over at Whole Foods, bless ’em.). Let’s hope Mssrs. Kuroghlian or Decker are not on 06880 today…

    • I stand corrected. I will leave that up, as a tribute to my ignorance. As for the Fifth Dimension’s “One Less Bell to Answer”…?

  8. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Michael’s craft store is coming in there. And, employees are being moved to the other Westport location, the temporary Fairfield location above Nutmeg Bowl, because that one is being relocated to Kings Highway where Brown Brothers Interiors was, and as far away as Stratford. The company is trying to find positions for everyone. Walgreens is known for owning their own free-standing stores, not paying rent in a strip mall. They tried to build east over the Fairfield line but, people in the area where the new store was to go, fought and won. I will miss this location because it was convenient for me and I have been going there since it was MediMart!

  9. Cathy Barnett

    For those Westporters who shop at Stew Leonards in Norwalk, there is a Walgreens across the Post Road. Stew’s Wine Shop is at the opposite end of that shopping strip. There is also a Starbucks at the far end of Stew’s main parking lot (directly opposite Walgreens.) That Walgreens was open 24 hrs but a sign on the drive thru pick up window says the closest 24 hr store is in Bridgeport.

  10. Funny that Target Canada failed miserably. Maybe green would have worked.

  11. Dan, there is poetic license for the creative greats, so I should have been nicer! : – ) Point taken… we’re not going to presume to edit Jimi Hendrix’s “If Six Was Nine” or “Castles made of sand slips into the sea eventually.” They do. They slips. And nobody said it better! Although Van Morrison wrote, “It doesn’t matter to which God you pray.” I can’t think of another rock ‘n’ roll usage of “to which”…

  12. Martha Kirchhof

    The red color in the Walgreens logo represents purity, vitality, prosperity and business responsibility of the company.
    Sorry. I didn’t guess. Thank you Google