Now Playing: Westport’s Latest Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee

As reported last December, Mark Naftalin was elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The longtime Westporter played keyboard for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The legendary seminal blues-rock group joined Ringo Starr, Green Day, Joan Jett, Lou Reed, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bill Withers as members of the “Class of 2015.”

The induction ceremony took place Saturday night, in Cleveland.

If you weren’t there — and no jokes about Cleveland, please, they’re very sensitive folks — here is the band’s “Born in Chicago” jam:

The clip below is a lot longer. It’s the induction speech itself, beginning with words from Mark:

Want even more? HBO airs a special on the entire evening. But you’ll have to wait — it’s on May 30.


8 responses to “Now Playing: Westport’s Latest Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee

  1. don’t forget what Ringo said !

    • at his induction, Ringo urged every member of any band to always own up to it should they create a flatulence…. saying that doing that had kept the Beatles together for as long as they were.
      You really still gotta love Ringo.

  2. “You know it don’t come easy”?

    Or “we all live in a yellow submarine”?

  3. “If you weren’t there — and no jokes about Cleveland, please, they’re very sensitive folks”

    thank you

    we Clevelandites have been sensitive ever since the 1700-ish Western Reserve (aka “New Connecticut”) colonization by our Connecticut overlords

    • Cleveland was very hospitable and a very beautiful city. I had never been there before and couldn’t get over how beautiful it was at the edge of Lake Erie. The people who were coordinating this event were so good and never dropped the ball. Everything from ground transportation to various events, to grand scale hospitality, to personal escorts back and forth. The streets were barricaded in such a way that artists could walk from one building to another without worrying about traffic or people. Ton’s of fans…although at one point I do have to say that I thought the large cheering section as we were escorted along the red carpet was for us until I realised it was for Miley Cyrus. Oh well…Cleveland rocks.

  4. Adam Gross and George Barrett – whom you know – were both there front and center George is on the board of RocknRoll Hall of Fame and Adam flew in to be there too

    Sarah Gross


    • George — a former soccer, basketball and baseball star at Staples (and soccer at Brown) — is now CEO of Cardinal Health, based in Columbus, Ohio. Adam — who also played soccer and baseball at Staples — is a noted architect in Baltimore. They were great friends growing up. Sarah is Adam’s proud sister — and a great caterer!

  5. It was a blast. So much fun and I was star struck. We rode the shuttle from the hotel to the museum for a tour. During a quiet moment Bill Withers piped up, “This is the largest, happiest AA meeting I have ever been to”. Seriously, hangin with the glitterati is fun.