Soul Cycle Wheels Into Town

I often try to put a cute little spin on these kinds of stories, but this will have to do:

Soul Cycle logoSoulCycle makes its much-anticipated debut in Westport next Thursday (April 23). If I had a nickel for every time someone mentioned how excited they are about this fitness company coming to Compo Acres Shopping Center, I could buy a Maserati.

Well, maybe a really nice racing bike.

There are complimentary classes all day on Thursday and Friday (April 23 and 24). Call 203-683-7685, or click here starting at noon on Monday (April 20) to book a time.

A grand opening celebration is set for Saturday, April 25.

No word yet on when Chipotle opens next door.

A typical Soul Cycle center.

A typical Soul Cycle center.


7 responses to “Soul Cycle Wheels Into Town

  1. I wish this business only the best. Truly. But, holy cow, the traffic situation at the Compo South/Post Road intersection – ditto for Imperial – seems to be heading for a place that is not too good.

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Not to mention … the PARKING situation.

  3. I am very excited about this fitness company coming to Compo Acres. $.05?

  4. Michelle Benner

    Nice spin, Dan. Looking forward to the roll out of some new businesses and curious to see if these chains cycle through as fast as some others.

  5. I agree with you Morley. Excited to see new business coming to the area–but the traffic and parking is already a challenge. Right now I have been avoiding trader joes -which is perhaps my favorite store–for that very reason. And, as an aside-I miss Geigers already. It’s now a change of season and for the first time there are no spring plants to great us as drive through that intersection. Just more concrete. Over development has a cost to the quality of our lives.

  6. I am really looking forward to trying out Soul Cycle after a very long winter of sitting dormant! They are also the sponsors of my son’s Little League Team. Best of Luck in Westport 🙂

  7. Ellen Lautenberg

    I know Soul Cycle has a great reputation but just want to post a shout out to our already existing local version – Joy Ride. I’m not comparing them as I am not a cycler but I always like to support our locals.