Now You See It…

YMCA construction

No, you’re not looking out a Metro-North train window.

This is a view Westporters have not seen in nearly 40 years: the east side of the old YMCA building (and next to it, the former firehouse).

But we won’t see it for long. Construction begins soon on the new Bedford Square.

7 responses to “Now You See It…

  1. It’s already a big improvement! I think Bedford Square is going to be beautiful and very classy.

  2. I think I better get back there very soon before the entire town has been changed by new construction. What a shame.
    1966 Staples Graduate.
    Jan Frost formerly of 30 Marion Road..

    • Bart Shuldman

      Jan. Sounds like you have not been to Westport in a while. The town looks beautiful and the new Y nice. The old Y was crumbling ( and the new plans look great. Some old 50 style houses are being replaced by CT looking homes with very nice families moving into town. Westport is vibrant with great new restaurants and the new Levit Pavilion stunning.

  3. The new Bedford Square has been designed to complement and mimic the old Tudor-style Bedford Building/former YMCA on the corner. So it will give the area a cohesiveness that has been sorely lacking with the hodgepodge of buildings that used to be on the site. You can see the renderings and plans at . I think Centerbrook Architects have done a terrific job of designing new structures that retain the historic aesthetic and character of the other buildings in the area.

  4. I remember the dances at the YMCA on Saturday nights…all good times in a grand old building!

  5. I know change comes with time – I just liked it then when it was a quiet town
    with one policeman in the middle of the down town directing traffic – he always had his whistle, one homeless person sleeping on the bench near the library, weekends at The Crest, making out at Compo Beach after dark and other indoor sports…
    Good Times…

  6. Indeed, Westport memories seem to stay within.
    It’s a powerful place. Glad to have lived in Westport.
    Ready now to accept the change (because memories last longer).