Sometimes You Just Can’t Wait To Go…

…to the hair stylist.


Then, again, the sign hanging on the left says “No Parking Fire Lane.” It doesn’t specifically mention the sidewalk.

15 responses to “Sometimes You Just Can’t Wait To Go…

  1. Bob Fatherley

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.

  2. Self-importance doesn’t just happen in the parking lots. The other day at Stop & Shop a clearly important dude parked his cart cross-wise right in front of a line of people (me included) trying to get through a crowded aisle and self-importantly walked off to gather some undoubtedly very important item. When he came back his not important cart had been moved out of sight by someone (not important who).

  3. Susan Hopkins

    Oh dear ……. another self-important airhead. I agree with Byron: the photos are entertaining AND disappointing.

  4. Another “wow…really?”

  5. Paula Martin Roveda

    These people need a little Jee…Sus in their lives! Love the idea of hiding the cart in the supermarket. Plan B could be to empty the cart and just leave it.

  6. Bobbie Herman

    Do these people ever get tickets?

  7. Marcy Fralick

    That kind of thing never happens here in very unimportant Oro Valley, AZ. But if it did, oh the fun we could have! Our tourism board needs to work on attracting people with very over-inflated egos and a distorted sense of their own self-importance. They’d lose that attitude fast out here in the West!

  8. Jack Whittle

    Happens everywhere across the great U.S. of A. – but this is 06880 so it makes sense that the entitled driver theme is Westport focused. Just yesterday we arrived at a very popular water park in Naples, Florida where the lot was nearly full, and the obviously proud owner of a nice new 4×4 truck diagonal parked across two spots right near the front because, you know, the rest of us can’t be trusted not to bang our car doors into his tires or something. I am quite sure we weren’t the only ones pleased to see a nice ticket on his windshield when we walked out at the end of the day – justice served! That’s all I really want when I see this kind of self-important behavior. (I confess I immediately thought of Dan’s site!)

  9. Bob Selverstone

    I have noticed that when photos of these egregiously selfish, rude and disrespectful — to say nothing of illegal — parkings are posted, the license plates are never/hardly ever focused upon. Is that purposeful? Am I the only one who is inclined to shame (or report) the malefactors?

    • jerrymacdaid

      Well, until there is a license plate directory so we can attach names to cars, aside from some of the vanity plates, actually seeing the license plates probably doesn’t add to the shaming there already is from just posting the picture.

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    There are just no words for this latest parking job. I’m just laughing out loud!

    And yup, this kind of incredulous behavior is not limited to parking (as mentioned in comments above). The “grocery store” antics could become a whole new, and sublimely hilarious topic!!

  11. Sad that this ruins an entire day (for some). Sad that assumptions are quickly made (by some).
    Sad that humor is lost, and that revenge is sought (by many).

    • Sharon Paulsen

      I do think/hope most of us are thoroughly lighthearted about this, and it’s a fun way to divert our attention away from the “really serious” issues on this planet.
      Plus, I think it’s human nature to jump on the “righteous bandwagon”, now and again, for better or for worse.
      Anyway, I love Dan’s postings about this stuff. True entertainment!
      (I personally always keep an open mind about why people do what they do, because frankly, we can never know for sure what the circumstances might be. Cannot speak for everyone on this of course. The haters will tend to hate, and the lighthearted will tend to not).

      • Bobbie Herman

        It’s not a question of hate, it’s the “entitlement” attitude of selfish, inconsiderate people who don’t give a damn about others. If everyone were like them, there would be total chaos. Unless you’re handicapped, there’s no reason why you can’t walk a few additional feet. And if you’e pressed for time, leave a little earlier.