Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #15

Last Sunday, I underestimated “06880” readers. I thought Photo Challenge #14 would be fairly difficult. Who notices things like signs taped to doorways on the past-Parker-Harding part of downtown?

Tons o’ folks, apparently. As soon as I posted the picture, correct replies cascaded in. Yes, it was Nappa — the screen door repair shop at 201 Main Street (now with a “For Rent” sign on the building). To see that photo and comments, click here.

Hopefully, this week’s challenge is tougher. If you think you know where Lynn U. Miller took the photo below, click “Comments.” I dare you!

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

15 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #15

  1. Lynda Abshire

    Looks like a cannon ball.

  2. Curses foiled again Dan. It’s the baseball in the hand of the boy statue in front Oscars, right up the street from NAPPA. The blue background is the giveaway — the boy’s shirt.

  3. Mary Ann Batsell

    It looks like a baseball that has been marked with wax crayon and dyed like an easter egg.

  4. Sandy Soennichsen

    The baseball in the glove of the Little Leaguer in front of Oscar’s.

  5. Diane h silfen

    I agree with the answer Boy in front of Oscars

  6. Joyce Barnhart

    If it’s not “the big blue marble” that is Earth viewed from space, then it is the baseball in the hand of the boy at Oscar’s.

  7. Boy in front of Oscar’s

  8. You guys are (once again) very good. It is indeed the statue of a kid with a baseball in front of Oscar’s. I probably should have cropped the blue background out!

  9. Diane h silfen

    Thanks Dan. This is fun. I enjoy it almost as much as “The Nina’s ” from years ago in the Sun Times

  10. Nah…cropping never would have foiled us!

  11. Looks like names/initials have been carved or written into this baseball.
    If so, a better mystery.

  12. Tom Turnbull

    Old baseball from Staples HS trophy case! Hit out of park by D. W. in circa 1968…

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