Ignore This Sign At Your Peril

Westporters are famous for ignoring all kinds of signs: Stop. Yield For Pedestrians. No Parking Here.

But please, whatever else you do, heed this sign:

(Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

(Photo/Sandy Rothenberg)

Whatever it means.

13 responses to “Ignore This Sign At Your Peril

  1. It’s a rabbit sitting on an Easter Egg. A wonderful holiday message

  2. William Adler

    It’s a reminder we should always try to get a leg up!

  3. Gil Ghitelman

    Come on Dan you of all people should know. That was put up by the
    Staples gymnastic team.

  4. John Brandt

    Like the sign, we are all victims of an unforgiving winter. Best not to comply.

  5. Sandy Soennichsen

    Dan, I know you’re tired (didn’t want to say you’re getting older) but therfe are a couple of things that need to be corrected in this story. First, I assume you meant Westporters, not “Westport’s” and that you also meant DO NOT heed this sign. Have a Happy Easter though.

  6. Sandra Calise Cenatiempo

    Ha Ha ! Love the comments!

  7. Tom Turnbull

    It does not mean: “heads up.”

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  8. Looks like a poorly executed bicycle kick.

  9. An ad for tomorrow night’s premiere of the final season of “Mad Men”?

    Looks just like a scene from the opening sequence:

  10. David Schaffer

    Clearly it says “walk upside down” I got it right away!

  11. Morley Boyd

    The intent of this sign is clear: beware of preservationists and open space advocates being thrown from the upper floors of nearby buildings. Heck, I’ve already hired a food taster but now I’ll definitely watch myself in that hood. Thanks for post!

  12. I love the creative responses!