Giving It Up For St. Baldrick’s

Most kids would do anything to make sure their hair looks cool.

Some would do almost anything.

So when they hear about an important fundraising event that involves sacrificing their hair, they say, “Go for it!”

The Westport Family Y gym buzzed today. That was the sound of clippers, as hundreds of youngsters got shorn.

Taking it all off, in the Y gym.

Taking it all off, in the Y gym.

It was all part of the 11th annual TeamBrent St. Baldrick’s Celebration.

The idea is simple: Participants raise funds to fight childhood cancer. In exchange, they give up their hair.

The Y was behind the effort 1000%. There were opening ceremonies, a DJ, head painting, complimentary T-shirts, hats and photos — and free use of every part of the facility.

A selfie to remember.

A selfie to remember. (Photos/Scott Smith)

Before today, TeamBrent — named for a 6th grader who, after a dozen surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo and 2 stem cell transplants, has survived Stage 4 neuroblastoma — raised $3.4 million for St. Baldrick’s, and $7.3 million overall.

After today, that figure is waaaay higher.

When we tip our cap to these kids, all we see is something beautiful.

11 responses to “Giving It Up For St. Baldrick’s

  1. I’m speechless. That is a TON of money. God bless those kids!!!

  2. Sometimes, I really love this whole world. ThIs is one of those times. I love you kids a lot! mmm

  3. Susan Hopkins


  4. dana mccreesh

    a beautiful day. the YMCA & St Baldrick’s Foundation are both all about families. Three stats – 28 of the kids who shaved have been shaving for OVER HALF THEIR LIVES (stew on that.. guaranteed chills). One quarter of today’s participants are recognized as Knights by the international foundation – as compared to less than 1% of the 500,000 that have participated (Fairfield County kids CARE), and One third of the people shaving were first timers. I agree with Mary above, Sometimes I really love this whole world!

  5. Amazing community! Gets families of all ages together to Do Good. Can’t think of a better place than our Y to have this kind of event. Sorry I missed it this year (BMS play). Will be there next year for sure. Proud to be a Westport YMCA member.

  6. Courtney yanni

    What a wonderful event it was! how wonderful for the beautiful new Y to host it. A great day for the community!

  7. Congratulations to everyone involved. What a wonderful event. (Don’t forget your hats today!).

  8. It is an amazing foundation. People give from their hearts for the kids. The atmosphere in these events is total warmth and compassion. My husband and I are proud to be a part of it.

  9. Annie Zinovenko

    Every year I feel the same…SUCH AN AMAZING DAY! I love seeing repeat shavees (and new comers, of course) at the registration table. It shows how truly dedicated people are to the cause. Job well done once again!

  10. So amazing what these people have done at a grassroots level for pediatric cancer research. Every single shavee is making a REAL difference for kids everywhere fighting cancers!

  11. St. Baldrick's Foundation

    Thank you so much for highlighting our Foundation! Our volunteers have some of the biggest hearts and are doing great things for kids with cancer.