Surprise! The Post Office Is Too Small!

The brainiacs who moved the post office from downtown to Playhouse Square have finally realized that the present location is just a teeny-tiny bit cramped.

They’ve embarked on an expansion project. That’s the good news.

Post office - interior

The bad news is, the scene above is not substantially different from the way it’s looked for the past 4 years.

7 responses to “Surprise! The Post Office Is Too Small!

  1. The Greens Farms Post Office welcomes new customers.

  2. What gets my mule is that when I drive thru small southern towns I see that they have new large Post Office buildings. What are we?………..Chopped Liver?

  3. Cathy Romano

    It would make sense to me if they opened the new building in Saugatuck as a real post office which has lots of parking, It just sits there unused except for its mail box section.

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Expansion. That’s funny. What good will that do unless the parking lot undergoes “expansion” too.
    More room inside doesn’t make outside navigation any easier.
    I used that new location just once, several years ago, and boy, what a pain-in-the arse.

  5. If you talk to any Westport retailer, they’ll tell you owning your own building is a key to success.

    Yet the regional execs at USPS decided to sell their big, prime-location building in the middle of the Great Recession at a fire sale price of $2.8 million –about the going rate today for a 5 BR colonial in Greens Farms.

    By contrast, the tiny Swezey building solid for $4.3 million a few years earlier, and even that was below peak prices a couple of years prior.

    Please do not blame the wonderfiul staff at Westport USPS for this extremely unfortunate business move. Their bosses did it, and it’s made life much tougher for local staff in addition to inconveniencing the customers.

    • Great point, Peter. I don’t think anyone blames the staff. You are right — they do a fantastic job, under very adverse circumstances.