Minuteman Speaks Up For Autism Awareness

The Minuteman has been many things during his 100-plus years in town: Santa Claus. Easter bunny. Anti-war protester.

Today, however, may be the 1st time he’s an advocate for autism awareness.

Minuteman - Autism Awareness 2

Our town hero looks very sharp — and committed — with his Autism Speaks hat, sweatshirt, bag and water bottles.

(Hat tip: Stacey Henske)


3 responses to “Minuteman Speaks Up For Autism Awareness

  1. Since when is it appropriate to pimp a war memorial?

  2. It’s a way to show affection 😉

  3. Affection? Try appropriation. This is a memorial to the brave citizen soldiers who died violently – right there – while defending us from tyranny. Think anybody who lost a loved one on 9/11 would mind if some other otherwise well meaning advocacy group insinuated itself into the memorial at Sherwood Island?