When 2 Strangers Meet By Accident…

The other day, as alert “06880” reader Sue Kane was leaving yoga class, a good friend arrived for the next one. She was quite upset.

Sue’s friend told the people behind the desk that she’d just hit another car in the parking lot. She gave them the license plate number, and asked them to find the owner.

A few minutes later, a man wearing shorts and a T-shirt emerged from the gym. He asked Sue’s friend, “Are you the person who hit my car?”

Yes, she said.

He came closer — and wrapped her in a big hug.

“Do you two know each other?” Sue asked.

“No,” the man said. “But I figured she must be pretty upset. I wanted her to know it was all right.”



16 responses to “When 2 Strangers Meet By Accident…

  1. Mary Beth Murray

    He sounds like a true “gem.”

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Lovely, lovely man. How utterly kind and refreshing.

  3. Bobbie Herman

    What a wonderful attitude. So many people would have been screaming and cursing. Of course, many others would have just driven away, too.

  4. Jonas Shapiro

    Too early for April Fools….

  5. This story is about two super people. Honesty and Forgiveness. I like that!

  6. sandy johnson

    WOW how wonderful to know there are still such kind, wonderful people in the world!!!!!

  7. It’s the yoga, clearly.

  8. Ann Marie Flynn

    Thank you, two strangers for an uplifting story of human nature as it should be.

  9. Laura Yarish

    Wow. I have goose bumps. 🙂

  10. Hope there will be at least one of these stories for every ‘entitled parking’ one…

  11. A very punny title Dan. Moreover its a great example of living in kindness. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.