Happy 80th, Audrey Doniger!

Audrey Doniger is a longtime Westporter, an avid “06880” reader, and an all-around great woman. She’s one of those folks who — very quietly — helps make this town what it is.

Her son Jon writes:

My mother has lived in Westport for 50 years. As an at-home mom in the 1960s-’80s she cooked and catered with Martha Stewart, Lili Bonora, Sara Gross and a number of other local food luminaries

Audrey Doniger

Audrey Doniger

She is widely known to a generation of Westporters as “the cookie lady.” In our house it wasn’t just “the door is always open.” Rather, the refrigerator was always open. I never knew who would be downstairs eating or enjoying late night munchies.

Everyone felt comfortable hanging out with her. That’s rare for tweens, teens and college kids. To this day, many of her children’s friends have stayed Audrey’s friends too. They stay in touch, and still drop by the house to check in on her.

Happy 80th birthday!

13 responses to “Happy 80th, Audrey Doniger!

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs. Doniger!
    Thank you for letting us Hunting Lane Kids cut thru you’re yard walking to LongLots rain or shine back in the day!

  2. Roberta tager

    Happy Birthday, Audrey!

  3. Gerry Kuroghlian

    Happy Birthday Mrs D. I totally enjoyed you as Jon’s mom while he was a student in my class. Keep those cookies baking.

  4. Nancy Doniger-Turner

    Happy Birthday Mom! You are the best mom and cook I know!

  5. Happy bday Audrey – Those were the days !!! i am opening a Community Kitchen soon – avialble for those who want to make goodies legaly – and I know you know what I mean – Want to revive your infamous lemon bars – a gluten free version maybe ?? Sending much love – Sarah – and thanks for the food luminary referral Jon xoxo

  6. Hey Mom, Happy Birthday! Many of those amazing recipes are handwritten on food-stained cards and came to life in a pretty tiny kitchen. Take on Sarah’s request & bring back your lemon bars. Thanks for creating so much deliciousness from scratch and generously sharing it. Dan Woog, ten thousand thanks–your blog is a birthday gift my mom unwraps with joy everyday.

  7. Audrey Hertzel

    Happy 80th Birthday, Audrey! (From one of the same name and loves to bake too!)

  8. Mrs Doniger,
    I hope that you enjoy your wonderful birthday today, doing things that you may not normally do. <3

  9. Tom Kashetta

    Happy birthday Audrey……….May you have many more…. From one of your boys !!!!!

  10. elizabeth Fratino roessler

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Doniger!

  11. John Klemish

    Love you Audum, some of my best memories were born in that house with you, Suzy and the gang. You’re the best.


  12. Audrey Doniger

    Thank-you one and all for the birthday greetings–and especially to my very cool son Jon,for giving me this wonderful b-day gift–also to Dan W for all the pleasure i get from 06880

  13. afsana khundkar

    Grandma Audrey is the wonderful talented caterer/chef lady. She showed me how to make fresh tomato pasta sauce (I don’t eat pasta). I make that sauce for chicken and fish and her lemon bars taste like haven.