This Old House: #3

“This Old House” is a new series on “06880.” Every Wednesday we’ll show a Westport house, photographed in the 1930s for a WPA project. They’ll be featured in an upcoming Westport Historical Society exhibit on preservation in Westport — but we need readers’ help in identifying them.

The jury is still out on where the 1st house (posted last week) was located — or whether it’s even standing. It’s near the corner of North Avenue and Cross Highway, but we’re not sure exactly where. Click here, then scroll down to “Comments” to see the ongoing debate.

At least that had a relatively clear location. All we know about this one is a single word on the back: “Coleytown.”

This Old House - March 18, 2015

If you recognize it — or think you do — hit “Comments” below. As with all houses in this series, it may have already been demolished.

13 responses to “This Old House: #3

  1. maybe that is Stuart Mcarthy’s old house near coleytown? i

  2. Jeff Giannone

    This looks a lot like the Reynold’s home on Edge Hill La. It’s not Coleytown but looks very very similar. I believe the Renolds home was once a boarding school.

  3. Marc, in some respects it looks similar–but I don’t think it’s a pic of his childhood home. Having grown up in the Coleytown area in the 1960s, this photo does not readily bring to mind any home that was completely visible from the main town roads. But, having said that, there are or, perhaps more accurately, were a couple of houses on Coleytown Road that were partially visible from the street that look similar to what is depicted here. Of course, we’re going back 50 years so my recollection could be off.

  4. Jill Turner Odice

    Jeff, I grew up at 12 Edgehill next door to the Reynolds…I see many similarities in both pictures. Also you have to remember what the house looks like now is different then it looked before they had their big fire. You could be right …

  5. Jack Whittle

    Focus on that chimney and it’s orientation to the rest of the house. Chimneys rarely change.

    And btw I can’t find a close match anywhere, and I certainly know the Coleytown area

  6. It’s in Greens Farms.

  7. Dan – I hope you can do the Bates Motel-ish old house on Richmondville Ave. back in the ’60’s – in the number 20’s sitting on a slight hill. There’s new home sitting on that site now but back in the day — lots of imaginary stories about the big old dilapidated house circulated among the neighborhood kids. There were always dares to run up to the house which I never could do but some did. I seem to remember the house did have someone living in it during that time, and they were probably very nice – we just never saw them which added to the mystery. That coupled with the embalming fluid factory on the curve emitting that vile smell — we had some wild imaginations about what was happening on Richmondville back in those days.

  8. Our house on Coleytown was #22. (torn down a few years ago) one of the hard to see set way back. This isn’t one of those! It doesn’t look familiar but possibly if it wasn’t torn down it’s been added to – a lot like the one corner north avenue.

  9. Bob Weingarten

    I’ve been providing Dan with the unknown photos as the curator of the WPA exhibit to be openned by the WHS this year. I need to inform those that believe this house is 6 Edge Hill Lane that it is not. The unknown photo has three windows on the second floor of the main section of the house where 6 Edge Hill Lane has 5 windows in both a WPA 1930s photo and in the current house. Although this is not 6 Edge Hill Lane, please continue to try to assist us in finding the location of this unknown house and others that will be posted.

  10. I have been communicating with Mr Weingarten and Dan about this house on 33 Meeker Rd. I just took a “field trip” to Meeker Rd. Things have changed…new house attached to the old part of the house. However, the CHIMNEY is still there! I have a bunch of pictures I took that I have to send to Dan and Mr. Weingarten. (BTW-If anyone was in that area around 5:30ish Saturday and saw a woman in a black coat taking pictures, please don’t be alarmed that was just me walking down Meeker Rd and up Sturges Highway.) Stand By Dan I’m going through them to email you.
    Wendy Cusick

  11. I think it is the Coley house on the NE corner of North Ave and Coleytown. The address is now North Ave.