Because We Haven’t Run A Starbucks Entitled Parking Photo In A Couple Of Weeks…

…and because this one takes the (coffee) cake, we offer for today’s outrage:

Starbucks parking

At 1st glance, there’s nothing wrong with this photo. However, the Lexus on the left is not exiting the lot onto the Post Road Cedar Road.

It’s parked there.

That’s right. Alert “06880” reader  Jo Dickison — who snapped the photo — says the Lexus was there when she went in to Starbucks. And still there when she came out.

So even the lame “I was just running in to get coffee” excuse doesn’t work.

Because the Lexus driver was sitting down, inside. Enjoying one very entitled cup of joe.


17 responses to “Because We Haven’t Run A Starbucks Entitled Parking Photo In A Couple Of Weeks…

  1. Who are we to judge? It might have been a gastroenterologist making an emergency house call to a patient suffering from gastric distress due to the ingestion of four mocha lattés per day for past seven years. One has to make allowances for medical emergencies…

  2. Robin Scarella

    Truly priceless. Takes entitled to a whole new meaning.

  3. Wow! Well that’s special! Dan, I think you should have an annual….Westport’s Most Entitled Parking Job of the Year.” post… Maybe even Top 10 in offending and entitled order! This one is right up there!

  4. sandy johnson

    Nothing ever surprises me at what goes on in Westport!!! In the 30 some years I have lived here, I have seen many “crazies” doing crazy things!! At least it’s not dull in our town!!!

  5. it’s still an entitled parking outrage but this is the Starbucks exit to Cedar Road not to the Post Road.

    • Correct – my bad.

      • I was just about to add that Cedar Street reference. Also note that, if parking on the grass is considered acceptable, said entitled parker could easily have fit into that last spot. There were no takers while I was there… And yes that jeep certainly did appear to be a bit piggy; I parked on the other side of it, backing into what was left of my spot, pretty much blocking his/her passenger side, but it set the lot straight again, and there sure was a lot of room on the driver’s side for passengers.

  6. Looks like the Jeep is doing a bit of pig parking too.

  7. Dan
    You seemed to have caught a two for one! Don’t know what is happening to the right of the red Jeep, but it is clearly taking up two spots!

  8. Janice Beecher

    I would hope that someone called the cops on this one! Blatant breaking of the law. Starbucks does not stand for ‘entitled to be an idiot’, though I don’t really care for their expensive coffee anyway.

  9. You have the license number.

  10. Like — LOL.

  11. Not sure what the problem is!! It says STOP!! The car is stopped- obviously the driver just got tired of waiting for the sign to say GO!

    Not entitled just challenged.

  12. Chip Strphens - Staples 73

    My favorite always is the daily bums that parallel park in front of the handicap space blocking not only the handicap space but also all stall parked cars behind. And GOD help you if you point it out to the bum !
    BTW the police do not enforce p[private lots we have been told 1

  13. Jill Turner Odice

    I am just curious if you ever get any response from the jerks you all catch in the act trying to defend themselves? 🙂 It would seem like the police would take an interest, seeing as how you even have their license plates…Just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  14. Granted, there was no “06880” blog to keep tabs on these drivers back then, but when Crazy Vin’s (a strip club….I am told….my wife never let me confirm) occupied the lot where Starbuck’s now sits, there were never any reports of outrageous parking. I’m just sayin’

  15. Stephanie Bass

    …a MASERATI dealership is about to open on the Post Road…it can only get worse…