Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #11

Lynn U. Miller picked an image last week that every Westporter passes all the time — but no one ever sees.

The weather vane sits atop the Westport Public Schools District facilities office headquarters. You may remember it as the brick Bridgeport Hydraulic building. It’s at the light where Kings Highway North runs into Canal Street — just south of the medical complex (“Fort Apache”). The next time you’re at that light, take a look! (Or click here to see last week’s photo.)

Which brings us to this week’s challenge. If you think you know where it is, click “Comments.” Add any random thoughts about it too!

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)


14 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #11

  1. Robert Mitchell

    The railroad station, somewhere.

  2. Scott Brodie

    This is the receiver bracket from a “pay phone” — an artifact from the late 20th Century, which was displaced by cell phones in the last decade or so. It was activated by placing “change” in a coin slot — vaguely similar to modern-day “Muni-Meter” parking permit vendors. 😉
    Could be anwhere.

  3. For people under 40 this is a device that humans used to use to contact one another. We called it a telephone. I’m not sure where this one is located but I know where it’s not: in front of the phone company building on Myrtle Ave. That one was rudely sheared from its concrete plinth a few years ago after it was pointed out to the little gnomes hunkered down inside said structure that their phone had been broken for a number of years. Where ever you are little buddy, think of the Texaco sign and hang in there!

  4. David Schaffer

    For some reason pay phones are still plentiful in Canada, at least in Quebec Province. Not sure why they haven’t vanished from there as well since cell phones are just a common north of the border.

  5. Okay, we’ve established it’s a pay phone. But it’s not “disused.” Where is it?

  6. It looks like a payphone. Maybe the one on the lower level of the library? It’s the only place left with a payphone that I can think of!

  7. Beth Berkowitz

    It’s definitely a old pay phone and I don’t remember seeing any left around here recently. Except maybe in the library.

  8. The “pay” phone at the Saugatuck train station?

  9. At first I thought it was an Andy Warhol rendering of a pay phone. But of course I realized he would have done one of a rotary dial (with no reference of the term “debit” or a 1-888 number). Amee is correct. It’s the phone by the entrance to the lower parking lot.

  10. Aimee, Beth and Fred are correct. The pay phone is in the Westport Library. So not only do they offer one of the only pay phones in Westport — they’ve also got an electric typewriter for anyone to use. Our modern library is as retro as it gets!

  11. Merri mueller

    A phone booth!

  12. Oh the stories this phone could tell!!!