Nicole’s Harpcam

It’s not often a high school drama troupe tackles “Sweeney Todd.”

It’s even rarer for a high school orchestra to include a harp.

But the curtain goes up tonight at Staples on “Sweeney Todd.” And there in the Players’ pit is junior Nicole Mathias, playing that beautiful — but exceedingly difficult — instrument.

Nicole’s father Mark attached a webcam to her harp, for last night’s dress rehearsal. Click below to hear “Not While I’m Around” — and see a view of a show no one ever gets.

Plus Nicole’s great, proud smile at the end.

(If your browser does not take you directly to YouTube, click here.)

5 responses to “Nicole’s Harpcam

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    Even MORE reason to go see this Players Production…can’t wait to see Nicole playing live this weekend!

  2. Susan Hopkins

    Brava Nichole!

  3. Wow. What a totally adventurous batch of teens. It must be a transformative experience.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Margaret Hart Rynshall