Remember The Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee?

If you haven’t heard much from the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee in a few months, there’s a reason:

It no longer exists.

After the group sent its report to the Parks & Recreation Commission in October, the committee was dissolved.

Now the commission is ready for next steps. A hearing is set for for Tuesday, March 31 (7:30 pm, Town Hall auditorium). The meeting will include public comment.

Parks and Rec chair Charlie Haberstroh says, “The Commission is anxious to move forward and make recommendations to the First Selectman, so the town can implement appropriate improvements to one of Westport’s most popular recreational facilities.”

The meeting will be televised (Channel 79 Cablevision, Channel 99 Frontier), and livestreamed at

Compo Beach: a town jewel, beloved by all.

Compo Beach: a town jewel, beloved by all.


5 responses to “Remember The Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee?

  1. barbara Wanamaker

    Thanks for this update Dan. I don’t believe anyone, including Parks and Rec and the Committee itself ever mentioned that the Committee had been dissolved. It certainly would have been a courtesy to the public for the CompoBeach2.0 site to indicate that and explain, as you did, what will happen next. I urge everyone who attended the September meeting to attend the March 31 meeting.

  2. Thanks for keeping us in the know, Dan.

  3. Michael Calise

    attendance is an absolute must! There have been some changes on the committee as well.

    • Sandy Soennichsen

      Changes on the committee? I thought it was dissolved, as well as it should have been a long time ago. So is there a committee or isn’t there? For that matter, have the consultants also been terminated? I can only hope.

  4. The future is now.
    Please join your fellow Westport Residents for a town hearing regarding the future of Compo Beach.
    The Parks & Recreation Commission will be having a public meeting Tuesday, March 31st 2015 7:30 PM at Town Hall 110 Myrtle Ave Westport.

    After the last town meeting, it was very difficult to tell where we stand. Are any of the multiple plans from the previous committee being implemented? Does this meeting mark the beginning of a new round of design and development?

    Are we really moving ahead and removing all the parking along the waters edge? Are we all on board with this monumental change to the beach style we are all accustomed to? This dramatically effects all 26,400 Westport residents that frequent the beach on any given day twelve months a year. We go to Compo Beach to reflect, eat lunch, catch some sun, swim, read a book, meet family & friends for a Barbecue or maybe witness a beautiful sunrise or sunset. All these activities are being enjoyed with easy parking on the sand.

    Plan A called for the elimination of all parking along the waters edge. Why?

    Plan B suggests we remove most of the parking on south beach except 58 parking spots. 26 of those 58 spaces are for handicap parking only with no senior parking spots.

    Presently Westport residents have an unobstructed view of the Long Island Sound. Are we going to let the commission and First selectman block your view? Isn’t Compo Beach one of the reasons why we all moved here? With the new plan vehicle-to-beach distance could range up to 120 feet.

    The new plan has cut 325 parking spots for events like the 4th of July.
    Are they going ahead and spending $21,000 to cut down trees that the tree warden said are tolerant of beach conditions?

    Why do they want to change the name to Compo Park? It’s a beach!

    One plan calls for the addition of sand dunes. Was there ever any sand dunes at Compo Beach? Will changing the topography only create a future maintenance problem? Storms continually remind us of how difficult it is to prevent devastation and how futile attempts at sand control can be.

    The plan has us queuing up, like LaGuardia Airport, to drop off family and provisions, by the beach, then driving halfway across the beach to park. Then walk back to where you dropped everything. What is the purpose of all this?
    What problems exist now that warrant all this change?

    How can we allow a commission to proceed with a design plan that adds 2 roundabouts to the traffic pattern in Westport’s crown jewel? Is there some crazy traffic jam occurring at the beach? If there is someone needs to say what time and day this is happening. The gate and fee collection needs to be moved in towards the home base area of the baseball field
    to relieve congestion on the approach road. Roundabouts are over kill.

    Will the skate board park be torn down? It wasn’t on the new plan.

    If the plan gets passed how will it effect your residential taxes?

    The committee already spent $50,000 of your tax money.

    Please attend! We need your support. There are over 210 seats waiting for concerned citizens of Westport. Come to listen, and see how fast, major decisions are being made regarding your crown jewel.
    Please come to voice an opinion.
    If you are unable to attend please contact,
    Mr. Charlie Haberstroh 203-227-7699 and
    Mr. Stuart McCarthy 203-341-5090 and
    First Selectman Mr. Jim Marpe 203-341-1111
    Let them know how you feel about the changes being made to Compo Beach. Don’t settle Westport. We all agree that Compo Beach can use some updating, but these changes will affect the way we all enjoy Compo Beach.
    If you would like us to send you a copy of the petition so your family and friends can sign it please email

    We will be collecting them at the meeting on March 31st at Town Hall.
    Thank you for your continued support.