It’s A Tough Winter For Everyone

Alert “06880” reader Richard Jaffe was in his kitchen a few minutes ago. He looked outside, and saw:

Richard Jaffe - 1

Richard Jaffe - 2

Hey — at least they weren’t in his kitchen.

11 responses to “It’s A Tough Winter For Everyone

  1. bye bye boxwood shrubs!

  2. The deer are so close to my home that I’m thinking they are going to ring the door bell and invite themselves to dinner.

  3. Invite them in for some Venison stew….yum…yum!

  4. This has been another challenging winter for furry and feathered alike.

  5. Have been feeding the birds but think the squirrels have benefitted more!

  6. Michelle Benner

    Those are the fattest deer I’ve ever seen.

  7. And the geese and the swans and the squirrels are all hungry and can’t find their food in their normal habitat. I feel sorry….

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  9. Ann Marie Flynn

    The routine outside my window has been the birds and squirrels dine together……followed by the deer and birds dining together. No reservations required.

  10. The other day, I filled my bird feeder. Within an hour it was empty. It usually takes 2-3 days when the birds feed at it, but I’m sure it was the deer. I wasn’t watching, so I didn’t see it happen, but there are a lot of hoof prints in the snow.

  11. sandy johnson

    Oh, yes – the deer – they have definitely moved into Westport!! When I was growing up in NJ, deer were a rarity, and everyone got excited We , he humans, have taken over all the open space and the poor deer how come to “visit” for the day – same in my yard!