But Is It Art?

As she snowshoed through the Newman-Poses Preserve yesterday, alert “06880” reader Sandy Rothenberg spotted this sight:

Newman Preserve - Sandy Rothenberg

Uprooted tree? Natural art?

Or just another unexpected discovery in the woods of Westport?

8 responses to “But Is It Art?

  1. Answer: “Clearly, all of the above.”

  2. The simple answer to both of your questions is yes…Beauty is in the eyes of the holder and art can be interpreted in so many different ways.

  3. There is nothing more beautiful than what nature creates….although as artists it doesn’t stop us from trying!

  4. Having not lived in Westport for many many years, I am unfamiliar with the Newman-Poses Preserve. Where is it? And “Newman” as in Paul?

    • The Newman-Poses Preserve is a 39-acre property, accessible off Bayberry Lane and extending westward from Bayberry, Easton and Coleytown Roads.

      Paul Newman lived nearby, and donated much of the land to the town. The parcel also includes land sold to the town by Lillian Poses, a neighbor and friend of Mr. Newman’s who worked on the New Deal in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and who was one of the first women to graduate from NYU Law School.

      All of this information — and more — is available at the preserve’s website: http://www.aspetucklandtrust.org/16888/Newman_Poses_Preserve

  5. It’s nicer than a lot of things I’ve seen in museums.

  6. My grandson and I were walking on that parcel last fall and I remember those particular roots. In fact, I took a great photo of him standing in front of it; a beautiful child in front of the roots from a gnarled and interesting tree.

  7. This obviously shows that the preserve is an icky mess and cannot be preserved. Just think of all the deer ticks and other cooties that must be lurking in there. With a nod towards last week’s presentation on the senior housing deathstar in Barons South – and in the name of “open space” and “historic preservation” – I implore the administration to immediately bulldoze all of Poses for housing and bus parking. The only way we’re going to save this village is to destroy it.

    Just kidding. Cool image.