Weather Cold, Action Hot

It’s friggin’ freezing out. And the wind is blowing like we’re in Siberia.

All the more reason to head to the Y.

The Westport YMCA‘s new Mahackeno facility was filled today — as always. There was basketball, swimming and classes — you name it.

But nothing beats working out in the fitness center. From inside, the view almost makes you want to go outdoors.


Y fitness center

2 responses to “Weather Cold, Action Hot

  1. Almost is the key word today for sure!!!!!!!!! I did not venture out at all today plus I usually don’t go on the weekends since I feel that’s the time for all the people who work all week!! Ah, the joys of retirement!!!! This winter may just be the one that says to me “sell and move south”

  2. Yes, that’s the view one gets when you build a gym in a rural, AAA residential zone part of town.