Public Works: Take A Bow!

Alert — and grateful — “06880” reader Hannah DeQuadros writes:

I’ve been thinking about all the snow we received this year, and what a great job the Public Works Department does plowing the streets in Westport. Two recent experiences brought home how fantastic they are.

Westport's Public Works guys, in action a few years ago. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

Westport’s Public Works guys, in action a few years ago. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

I was in Norwalk twice after snowfalls. I thought, “these roads are terrible!” Fairly main roads were not as well cleaned as my small one. I wondered if it was my imagination. But both times, once I crossed back into Westport, the roads were in much better condition.

I live at the end of a cul-de-sac. The plows do an excellent job clearing the circle. There isn’t much space though, so a huge pile accumulates on our curb.

It doesn’t bother me. But we received a note from our mail carrier last week that he can’t get to the mailbox without getting out of his vehicle. He asked us to clear the way.

A shovel was useless on the massive, compacted pile of snow and ice. I called Public Works Monday morning, wondering about a solution. I reiterated that the guys do an outstanding job plowing; I just had to contend with the letter carrier.

On Tuesday morning, a plow and backhoe loader came to clear the pile. Problem solved!

While we wait for warmer weather, we should all give big thanks to the guys who work long shifts, in dreadful conditions, keeping our roads clear. They do an outstanding job!

The snow AFTER it was removed by a Public Works crew. The pile once stood 8 feet tall.

The snow AFTER a Public Works crew came through. The pile once stood 8 feet tall.

8 responses to “Public Works: Take A Bow!

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Hannah I ditto what you have said so nicely about the work they are doing. They are a very special crew doing wonderful, hard work.
    We are most fortunate to live in a town where our First Responders and
    Emergency crews are so caring.
    May they all be safe!

  2. Westport Public Works does an amazing job with the snow. The difference between Westport’s roads and neighboring towns is night and day. And they perform this task with a surprisingly small crew.

  3. Michael Calise

    No doubt they are the best!

  4. don l bergmann

    Another positive is the work that our DPW people do with their snow clearing machines to address the more commonly used walking paths, e.g. along Hillspoint Rd. and some other routes near the beach. Steve Edwards and his team usually get to this a day after the storm and it is greatly appreciated.
    Don Bergmann

  5. Dan,

    When Harriet was Librarian at Norwalk HS she would always remark that she knew where the town line was on County Street because of where the snow was and was not plowed!

    Happy Valentines Day.


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  6. Yes, our guys are great, and always helpful with “little extras” when needed!!!

  7. Nice post…hope the DPW people see it and know they are appreciated!

  8. Heartily agree. Snow plow and sander drivers are really nice guys.
    Next time you see a plow on your street, tap on their window, thank them
    and give them some cookies! They appreciate being thanked.