Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #6

A surprising number of “06880” readers nailed last week’s photo challenge: The Westport Garden Club sign hangs in the old cemetery at the corner of Wilton Road and Kings Highway North.

Then again — considering the amount of time people spend waiting at that light — maybe it wasn’t so tough.

This week’s Lynn U. Miller photo may be more difficult. If you think you know where in Westport it is, click “Comments” below.

Lynn U Miller


27 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #6

  1. The tunnel.

  2. Is it part of the old mural that was discovered when a chain store–Banana Republic?–took over and renovated the former Klein’s space?

  3. Ann Becker Moore

    The park outside the old library

  4. Nope — good guesses though. Keep ’em comin’.

  5. Kathleen Bennewitz

    you really got me…idk. I too thought it may be the Ashe mural, but there is no lettering. It looks like it is an illustration from the 40s or 50s…
    or could it be Staples Players poster?
    Love this series and challenge by the way…

  6. Bobbie Herman

    The mural in the badement of Town Hall?

  7. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be something that’s behind glass–framed. Is this at Staples, adjacent to the auditorium? (I think Kathleen was heading in the right direction.)

  8. Michael Calise

    ok a man and womens hand
    the character on the right looks like part of a capital H
    lower case b or a on rthe left
    some part of a call to action poster

  9. Michael Calise

    chack the post office

    • Francis Fiolek

      looks like the reflection of a corner wall w/ some chair rail in the right side of the image (so probably hanging in a hallway). A lower case c or s on the left?

  10. Joanne Romano

    Is it one of Miggs  Burroughs painting in the walkway on Main Street?

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  11. Shirlee Gordon

    The mural behind the cas registers at Banana Republic

  12. Keep trying — no one has really come close yet (although Kathleen Bennewitz is correct: it is from the 1940s or ’50s!).

  13. Jay Dirnberger

    Poster at Westport Country Playhouse

  14. Patagonia

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    At the Gillespie Center? Perhaps inside or outside?

  16. I think this is a photo on display at the whs from the cover series it had and is part of its permanent collection

  17. Bobbie Herman

    The old Library? The new Library?

  18. No one has gotten it yet. This is definitely the hardest challenge so far!

  19. This is the first photo challenge that stumped everyone! It’s a French poster of “Le Prince et la Danseuse,” the 1957 film starring Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe. Producer Milton H. Greene lived in Weston, and was a regular patron of Oscar’s. He gave the poster to owner Lee Papageorge about 10 years ago. That’s where it now hangs.

  20. just saw “My Week with Marilyn.” Milton Greene is portrayed in that film.

  21. buell neidlinger

    one summer (1952) i drove the launch at the Cedar Point Yacht Club, under the direction of the harbormaster, Capt. Bob Tooker on a Saturday, Capt. Bob told me to be dockside at noon sharp, and have the engine gassed up to the top, because i was going to take a special person and his guest out to his yacht, moored a good way up the Saugatuck from the yacht basin. i was there on
    time, and a well-regaliaed yachtsman came down the ramp with a lovely
    blonde dressed in hardly-yachting garb, frilly, low-cut, short white dress and heels.
    as i helped her into the launch, i realized she was Marilyn Monroe ! it was
    difficult to keep my eyes on where i was going; i found out later
    from Capt. Bob
    that the man who gave me the $50 bill as i helped him and Marilyn onto
    his 50 foot ketch-rigged motor sailer was Milton Greene, who i thought
    must be a photographer, as he snapped Monroe constantly with a state-of-the-art Leica. guess he was, as we call ’em in Hollywood, a
    “padoosa”. Them were the days !

  22. Karen kosinski

    Westport country playhouse lobby