Trader Joe’s To The Rescue

It was a typical Post Road scene yesterday: Chaos on the Post Road, at the Trader Joe’s/CVS light.

This was even worse than usual, though. A car broke down. The driver pushed his vehicle most off the road, but the rear remained stuck in traffic.

Other drivers responded in typical fashion: rather than getting out to assist, they honked at the driver — and each other.

Trader Joe'sWestporter Lisa Goto sprang into action. She ran into Trader Joe’s, asking for help.

Within moments, 6 employees were outside, pushing the car out of danger.

Those of us who shop at Trader Joe’s — which is everyone — know how helpful the store’s employees are, inside the store. They fetch items, answer questions, open up new registers and scan items quickly, easily, always smilingly.

How nice to know that the corporate culture extends outside the store, too.

14 responses to “Trader Joe’s To The Rescue

  1. Nina Streitfeld

    Ditto. Hurrah for Trader Joe’s and the wonderful people who work there.

  2. Gil Ghitelman

    Trader Joe’s has always won my hospitality award. Their crew is really tops.
    I’m delighted others share my opinion.

  3. Bob Fatherley

    That is why they ae one of the most popular shopping venues in Westport.
    It is all about people and service given with a smile….Julie Fatherley

  4. Trader Joe’s is one of the things we miss in rural Vermont. Our daughter lives in the Big City (Burlington) and we make a pit stop at TJ whenever we visit.

    What I find interesting is the difference between the staff at TJ and other grocery stores — particularly Shaw’s. TJ people seem to enjoy their job; the people at Shaw’s were going through the motions.

  5. Robin Scarella

    Can u imagine how nice it would be if people actually stopped and helped!!! Trader Joe’s always always is great. The one on Black rock turnpike is just as wonderful!!!! We could all take lessons!!!

  6. Does not surprise me. All the Trader Joe’s employees are first class!

  7. Pay pontoriero

    I love the employees there. They are all great people and a great place to shop. It’s no surprise that they came out to help. Great job!

  8. This is not rocket science. I agree with all of you. You have to ask yourself why ALL store employees don’t behave like TJ employees do? A friendly smile or kind word from a cashier at Stop & Shop is like finding a $100 bill in a pair of pants you haven’t worn in months, it is so rare. The company is doing something right and should be copied by every large company. It all boils down to service.

  9. It starts at the top; if an employer treats employees with care and respect and it is a company standard, then customers are well treated. It is always a pleasure to shop at Trader Joe’s, a first class establishment. More employers should treat employees as the valuable asset they can be.

  10. Greater Joe’s

  11. karen Howes Westport youth comm.

    Hi all, two points ! The word “typical ” was used twice when describing westport drivers, not favorably, let’s try and mimick trader joe-s folks’s actions on our roads to eachother. .also, I work at the soup kitchen, food pantry in south norwalk..Trader Joe’s donates their food and the clients are soooo happy and grateful to receive their food thank you trader joe’s

  12. Trader Joe’s management style should be emulated: I have observed them and their employees since the 80’s in California. They choose employees (service oriented), respect, pay and treat them well; and they stay with TJ’s.

    No brainer, actually corporate America.

  13. We love Trader Joes and we love the people that work there… ! love suzanne and rozanne

  14. I love all of the people who work there!!!!