Not Currier And Ives …

… but even better: John Videler.

The talented photographer snapped this shot on South Compo Road:

John Videler - South Compo

A few minutes earlier, a jogger ran by.

It’s a good thing John missed her.

This photo is timeless.


7 responses to “Not Currier And Ives …

  1. I believe that’s right in front of our house! The small Mansfield Place sign is on the left.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Videler rocks. Thanks for posting this Dan.

    He should frame some of his work and sell some “limited edition” prints at the upcoming (hopefully) Silver’s Bazaar store! (Not sure how all that would actually work, but hey, gotta throw it out there, right?).

  3. Joyce Bottone

    Great photo.

  4. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    This photo has the feeling of an old Westport street scene…it reflects a real ongoing Westport “ethos!”

  5. A photo that captures the melancholy beauty of Westport in winter.

  6. My second comment – of course it’s opposite our house on Mansfield Place. John lives right across the road on South Compo. I wasn’t thinking clearly in my earlier comment!