No Eating Outside Today

The view of my patio is snowy — but lovely:

2015 storm

Now I’m just waiting for it to be covered in ice, sleet and rain.

10 responses to “No Eating Outside Today

  1. I’d say use your blow dryer to melt the snow before it turns to ice, but I’m guessing you don’t use one?

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    You don’t feed the birds?

  3. Didn’t shovel your patio after the last storm? [hammering continues 😉 ]

  4. I love the framing of the photo that you did! PicMonkey? I use it all the time, thanks to your workshop.

  5. We better get used to picnics on days like today. Anybody got a cooler to take beer over to Dan’s place?

  6. It looks so pretty! Was this an invitation for some hot chocolate? We will be over shortly! Btw…I just got back from CVS (needed to pick up some meds) and it was very dangerous driving! Many side streets have not been plowed yet. Be careful out there! Stay inside!