Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #5

Last week’s Photo Challenge was quite challenging: graffiti on the inside of the Saugatuck River retaining wall by the library — visible only at high tide. Robert Mitchell was the 1st “06880” reader to identify it correctly.

Today — as snow blankets the ground, with more to come — we turn our thoughts to the Westport Garden Club. For 90 years, they’ve done good deeds all around town. But where can you find this sign hangs? Click “Comments” — and add any Garden Club stories, too!

Oh My 06880 - February 1 2015

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)



17 responses to “Oh My 06880 – Photo Challenge #5

  1. Diane h silfen

    Kings Highway across fr fort Apache

  2. At the cemetery at the intersection of Kings Highway and Rt 33?

  3. Cemetery on the corner of Wilton Rd. And Kings highway.

  4. Susan Shuldman

    By the entrance to the cemetery at the corner of 33 and King’s Highway?

  5. Kathie Bennewitz

    It’s the cemetery at Wilton rd and kings highway?

  6. Wow — all you folks are good. That’s exactly where it is! Well done!

  7. Beat me to it. See that lovely lettering frequently, as I linger at the light.

  8. Kings Highway Cemetery, corner of Wilton Road and North Kings Highway

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  9. On Kings Highway at the intersection of Route 33 across from the Fort Apache medical complex?

  10. Steven Saunders

    Cemetery by Old Hill on Old Kings Highway

  11. For extra credit: who cast the totally cool bronze signage?

    OK, I don’t know, but it kinda looks like something Garret Thew might have done.

  12. Jane McCaffrey

    I think it’s at the little cemetery at the corner of Kings Highway and Rte 33. At the light.

  13. Everyone looks out the side window, when waiting for a red light to change, so it’s hard to miss — at the corner of Route 33 and Kings Highway North.

  14. Bob Fatherley

    “Westport Garden Club” on granite pillar marks the third oldest graveyard
    in Westport, located on a hillside at the intersection of Kings Highway North
    and Route 33 directly across from the “Fort Apache” medical complex. The
    oldest graveyard is located on the road leading out of the Longshore Club
    near Compo Road South.

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