Y’s Words On Shoveling

The Westport YMCA posts daily health tips on a whiteboard near (of course) the “Wellness Center.”

Today’s suggestions are worth passing along to everyone:

Y's words on shoveling

Be sure to show this to your kids, who will no doubt be very eager to help.

8 responses to “Y’s Words On Shoveling

  1. Bobbie Herman

    The first money I ever earned, was when I was twelve years old. I shoveled the sidewalks (we had them on Long Island) and the front paths of two neighbors. I got 50 cents for one and 75 cents for the other. I was so proud of myself, but you can tell how long ago that was!

  2. William Adler

    Overheard in the office today – advice from a guy about how he handles shoveling snow: “Hey kids; here, take these shovels – get out there and give your mom a hand!”

  3. Ann Marie Flynn

    The sign says “switch arms”….. Heck, I’m already having problems telling my left arm from my right.
    Bobbie your mentioned salary for your snow shoveling gig reminds me of when a few of us kids…..(yep..a long time ago)…..would stand outside an A&P store in Mahatten….and offer to help customers carry their groceries home. Ten cents was good for the chore…..and twenty five cents was fantastic.
    Hey! Do the youngsters hustle like that today??

  4. Get yourselves a HEFT Ergonomic Auxiliary Handle for your shovels next winter.

  5. Steve Correll / Staples '79

    Growing up in Westport in the 1970’s, my buddies & I couldn’t wait for a snow day, so we could shovel and make some serious $$! I think we charged $10/driveway, however, properties in Westport tend to have LONG driveways! We seriously worked our butts off! I remember coming home in the dark with $50 in my pocket, feeling like J.D. Rockefeller!! Yes, times have changed, and changed some more. Those were great times & I’m so glad [and fortunate in hind sight] to have grown up in “Old” Westport.

  6. Charles Halper

    And the elderly should NOT SHOVEL. Ask any cardiologist.

    Roe and Chuck Halper

  7. Drink a tall glass of water every 30-minutes, whether thirsty or not. The main reason people have heart attacks or strokes during shoveling is because they get dehydrated and their blood thickens, causing the heart to overload.