A Blooming Miracle

For months, Westport teenagers have been looking forward to tonight’s Counties: the junior girls-ask-guys formal dance.

It was postponed yesterday, when the weather forecast for today was grim.

But word came after all the flowers had been ordered, and corsages and boutonnieres paid for.

Flower Basket logoWestport mom Jennifer Jackson called the Flower Basket. To her amazement, owner Charles Case said he’d honor all flower orders for the postponed date: Saturday, February 7.

He wouldn’t charge anyone for the “do-over” — even though he’d already spent money on inventory, and had all the flowers ready to be picked up this morning.

Jennifer doesn’t want him to have to make that sacrifice. But she was impressed and touched by his gesture.

Her son will be thrilled too. She’s using the dance as a learning experience, to teach him to buy and pay for flowers himself.

Thanks, Jennifer, for passing along this “good neighbor story.” Thanks too to the Flower Basket, for going waaay above and beyond for Westport’s youth.


8 responses to “A Blooming Miracle

  1. I have been on that shop and they are really special people. This proves what I sensed.

  2. What a happy story! I’m relatively new to Westport and didn’t know about the Flower Basket. I’ll certainly go there for flowers in the future!

  3. Lisa Marie Alter

    Charles Case has beautiful flowers — it’s my go-to place for special occasions — and he offers a wonderful level of service and attention to detail. His son, Greg, happens to be my son’s violin teacher and falls into the same category with his music lessons — thoughtful, attentive to one’s needs, a real perfectionist. They are indeed a unique family. I highly recommend 🙂

  4. Compo Flower Dhop is doing the same thing. Awesome customer service and gorgeous arrangements. So nice!

  5. Maybe we should all descend on the Flower Basket today and buy up his inventory? What do you think?


    NOT amazing — What we have here is an ethical and honest CARinG person who realizes its not about the $$$ / It is about the relationship and they are investing in themselves to become the go TO PLACE … WE all should support their business …

  7. Joanne Heller

    Charles is a class act and he’s my go to florist.

  8. Charles has always been a class act. Great artist too!