Looking To Make A Splash

Splash — the much-loved Longshore restaurant/patio bar — closed recently. Off-season business at its off-the-beaten-path location was not strong enough to make up for the summertime gold rush.

It’s now on the market. And — according to commercial realtor Skip Lane of Cushman & Wakefield — a top-notch restaurant operator ought to make a great go of it.

Splash restaurant

Splash restaurant

“It’s a fabulous location,” Lane says. He’s right: The handsome building shares space with an inn, sits smack in the middle of a golf course, fronts a postcard-perfect waterfront, and is steps away from tennis and paddle courts, a pool and skating rink.

Lane says one key is for the new owner to work more closely with all the non-summer activity (including that skating rink, and cross country skiing).

Interested in making a new splash at Longshore? Contact Lane: 203-326-5892.

7 responses to “Looking To Make A Splash

  1. How about a campaign to really overhaul that entire Longshore building? It is in dire need of a serious refurbishment to bring it up to 21st century standards and restore many of its historic architectural elements that have been covered up or bastardized over the decades. For as much as we all should appreciate the town having this amazing property and public country club, it is not exactly a shining star for Westport. Surely there are talented architects and designers in town who would gladly come together to kick it off.

    • Kathryn Sirico

      Jim….. Couldn’t agree more. The once beautiful Longshore is very tired, smells musty, looks rundown and is very unappealing. It is long overdue for an entire refurbishment.

  2. William Adler

    The Splash location really is an opportunity for the right new owner! I hope someone creative and well-funded steps up!

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Agree with everyone here thus far!
    Last time I was at Longshore, it was for a company Christmas party (2010, I believe). It didn’t seem too bad then, but when the halls are decked, it tends to mask all the nasty, ha.
    I do remember thinking that the outdoor summer bar/patio (out back), from many years ago, seemed a bit disheveled. It was a fun destination simply because of the view, but otherwise – neh.

  4. Armelle Pouriche-Daniels

    We loved Splash when we moved here a few years ago – the location, the view, the staff, the food, all was very charming. Over time though the quality of both the food and some of the staff had degraded, and we stopped going. I’m not sure the “off the beaten path location” is all at fault for Splash’s demise, rather a decline in dining experience for its patrons. I am very much looking forward to a new top-quality restaurant in this beautiful setting – though I agree, the building needs some TLC.

  5. If the dining experience was fantastic patrons would visit the establishment whatever the season. And sadly, as Armelle points out, that wasn’t the case with Splash. My best wishes to the new operators of the restaurant. If they deliver the product, customers will line up at what is undoubtedly the finest location in 06880.

  6. There must be a winning long-term economic formula for a leisure venue at the Inn at Longshore. A jumbo Starbucks? A posh buffet only? Live music venue? The past operators must all have in common: multi-year, sinking boat, big tax write-offs for losses …. but yet …

    One hot summer night, all of sudden, around 1979 or so, cars started overflowing at the Longshore entrance where I, literally (in front of those pillars every day), lived; so, inspired by the Yale Bowl New Haven overflow parking scene, I rapidly requested cash fees for overflow parking onto Yankee Hill Road and Compo Parkway. And that might be the key to bring in folk from near and far: LIVE MUSIC.

    A winning operators’s business proposal could include a destination jazz and blues stage where national musical artists will want to perform, rain or shine, snow or summer wind, week after week, day after day, month after month. What about competition from Levitt Pavillion (?) … just realize Longshore is not likely a bring-your-own-picnic-basket-and-blanket scene, though that lawn does mesh well with such an idea.

    RE design the venue with music acoustical geeks, and folks shall likely consistently appear for years to come, maybe even decades. Build in a contingency to utilize the practice driving range, and other grassy areas, for overflow parking of cars (that will also be an indicator that the venue is in demand), weather permitting; just like Yale Bowl. Anyone available to avoid a disappointing write-off? These are just words … but who has the music?