Laura Loffredo Offers Adoption Hope

Laura Loffredo is a child of Westport. Her father was the hard-working, generous owner-operator of Belta’s Farm on Bayberry Lane. Her mother helped out there too.

From childhood on Laura wanted to have kids, and be a mom like her own mother.

Laura first babysat at 14. She continued until graduating from Staples in 1995, then earned a BA in psychology at the University of Connecticut and a master’s in community counseling from the University of Bridgeport.

Laura Loffredo

Laura Loffredo

She worked as a mental health counselor and case manager, then went back to school for a 6th-year degree in education. She’s been a teacher for the past 7 years, while also working for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

To this day, Laura remembers crying at TV commercials showing starving children in Africa. At 14, her parents helped her sponsor a little boy overseas. She still recalls his name: Saul Hormiga Donu.

When she got married, Laura and her husband John expected to have children right away. Instead they endured a 6-year struggle that included thousands of dollars spent on 8 failed fertility treatments, and a miscarriage.

“I prayed every night for a baby. The longing inside my heart was unbearable,” Laura says.

“I didn’t understand why God was denying me the one thing I wanted more than anything in the world. I was angry, bitter and heartbroken. I couldn’t breathe.” She calls this “the darkest time of my life.”

When Laura and John finally made the decision to adopt, it was “like a light in the darkness.” For the first time, Laura felt hope.

Laura and  John Loffredo, with their daughter.

Laura and John Loffredo, with their daughter.

The first time she held her minutes-old daughter in her arms, Laura was overcome with emotion. All the pain washed away.

“At that moment, I understood the reason for everything,” she says. “This little girl was always meant to be ours. It just took her a while to come to us.”

But she agonized over all the people who did not have $40,000 to adopt a baby. The thought of not being a mother was overwhelmingly painful.

So Laura adopted a new cause: adoption advocate. She began forming ideas for what is now the Adoption Hope Foundation. Its mission is to provide grants to people who hope to build families through adoption.

The Adoption Hope Foundation is seeking non-profit status. It’s inaugurated a GoFundMe campaign, to cover start-up expenses and initial grants. The goal is to award the 1st funds by the end of the year.

“Adoption is a beautiful gift,” Laura says. “It is a life-altering experience that has allowed me to feel the deepest kind of love imaginable.”

That love extends from her daughter, out to the birth parents who selflessly placed her with Laura and John.

Now, Laura is paying it forward. She’s spreading that love — and the funds needed for it — as far as she can.

(For more information, or to support Laura’s work, click on the Adoption Hope Foundation’s GoFundMe site. To contact Laura directly, email, or call 203-354-4971.)

Laura and John's daughter. Her outfit says "And baby makes 3."

Laura’s daughter. Her outfit says “baby makes 3.”

4 responses to “Laura Loffredo Offers Adoption Hope

  1. elaineclayton

    What a beautiful story to wake up to, I’m so inspired by Laura’s story and her daughter is adorable. This is such a worthy cause.

  2. I encourage people who want to adopt to look at private adoptions, but also go through existing services such as the Connecticut Department of Children and Families ( DCF’s services are free and there are many children in Connecticut that are waiting for families.

    I know this because our son came to us just a few months old as a foster child and we adopted him about 3 years later. He’s now 10 years old and is the perfect addition to our family.

    Foster-to-adoption is not as direct a route as private placement, nor is it always anticipated that a foster child will be available for adoption. But this is a viable alternative that many people are unaware of and can help wonderful children already here in Connecticut as well as the children become a welcome and wonderful addition to a family.

    Regardless of how a child becomes adopted into one’s family, thanks to all of the families that welcome these children into their hearts.

  3. Armelle Pouriche-Daniels

    What a wonderful enterprise. Good luck Laura!

  4. Carol Carty MacDonald


    So sorry about your difficulties, but so happy for your wonderful outcome. You were my kids, Kyle, Andrew and Philip’s favorite babysitter and mine too!! Congratulations on your precious daughter. She is very fortunate to have you as her mother, and the love of the extended Belta family all around her. Keep up your good work and enjoy Motherhood.