Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Shoes?!

An alert Westporter walking his dog this morning at the Haskins preserve looked up and discovered a new definition of “shoe tree”:

Shoes in Haskins Preserve

Meanwhile, for weeks another pair of shoes has dangled even more mysteriously above Myrtle Avenue:

Myrtle Avenue

Baby, it’s cold outside. This is no time to go barefoot!




9 responses to “Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Shoes?!

  1. Gil Ghitelman

    In the ghetto, certainly not Westport, sneakers hanging up on telephone wires was a a signal that drugs were available.

  2. Kids used to do this all the time when I was young (Staples ’67). Sadly at least back then it was a form of bullying – taking a kid’s sneakers and slinging them up there – of course how could the kid then get them down?!

  3. The fine art of Shoe Tossing! It’s even got a Wikipedia page… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe_tossing

  4. There was a pair of sneakers dangling FOR YEARS and YEARS on, I think Bayberry, or maybe North Ave…anyway, every time we drove into town from Weston taking either one or the other “long lot” road, the children would wait for — and then point out at — “THE SHOOOES!!!” Then, one day, they were gone.
    I still find myself looking for them once in awhile…old habits.

  5. Makes one wonder what goes on in the kid’s spare time…
    Surely not picking up a pencil.

    p.s. Je suis Charlie. Thanks Dan for providing this open forum.

  6. Just when I thought we had the dog poop issue under control at Haskins….sneakers in the trees… Well at least it isn’t bras and beads! I hope I haven’t spoken to soon. Yikes!

  7. I’ve been seeing sneakers like this for years and never had a clue what it meant. All I could think of was the difficulty of getting them up there.

  8. Not just in the ghetto, Gil, even here in suburbia

  9. Someone must have been reading Holes!