Oh My 06880!

So you think you know Westport?

Whether you’re a native, a newcomer or an expat, “06880” is introducing a new feature we think everyone will enjoy.

Each Sunday at noon, we’ll post a photo of some place in town. It may be vaguely familiar, or a close-up of a spot you see every day.

Lynn U. Miller — a longtime Westporter, Staples grad, very talented photographer and good friend — will provide the images. She’s got a great eye for finding offbeat angles, and obscure parts of familiar scenes.

Your job is to figure out where it is. Click “Comments” to be the 1st to nail it. If someone beat you to it, feel free to add some thoughts on what that particular place means to you.

It’s the end of a holiday weekend, so we’ll start with an easy one. Enjoy!

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Lynn U. Miller describes herself as a “chronicler of family, friends and events.” She started on that path at Kings Highway Elementary and Bedford Junior High Schools. She still has some of those photos — along with a few old Instamatics.

Growing up surrounded by art, and viewing this town (and the world, and life) through a lens, she documented the ever-changing Westport landscape. She looks forward to showing future grandchildren pictures of cool places around town.

Lynn graduated from Staples in 1971, and Arcadia University in 1975 with a major in English. She lived in New York City, and met her husband Jason in their building. They moved to Annapolis after marrying in 1980, and moved back here to be close to family.

“I’m a big fan of Westport: the town and the people,” Lynn says. 

Lynn is a frequent contributing photographer to WestportNow.com. Her favorite pastime is using the computer to create altered images and collages.

Lynn and Jason have 3 children: Meghan, who lives in Branford; Daniel, and Andrew, a junior at Roger Williams University. Lynn’s father, Larry Untermeyer, is a well-known Westport photographer.



43 responses to “Oh My 06880!

  1. Roberta Tager

    old YMCA

  2. GOP headquarters? (kidding)

  3. Jeffrey Reilly

    Not sure what’s there now, but pretty sure this is on the corner of the old library building or maybe the YMCA. only one guess per customer. Lol. Keep up the good work Dan! Happy new year! Jeff

  4. Wanda Tedesco

    I think it’s the old YMCA

  5. Maybe at the beach where the showers are ?

  6. Joan McCarthy Ketley

    The front of the old Y

  7. Yep — old Y, on the corner of the Post Road and Main Street. With the ivy removed, the gargoyles come out to play. Future “Oh My 06880” photos will be much more difficult!

  8. Besides her wonderful photos, what I think of most when I see the name Lynn Miller is her uncommonly genuine, warm, beloved, and much missed mother Nikki Untermeyer. I was so glad to know her and I’ll always remember her.

  9. Carissa Keepin

    Old YMCA?

  10. Wendy Morgan-Hunter

    The old Westport Y!

  11. Yep! See above….

  12. Love the new feature. And perhaps Lynn would also be willing to share some of her vintage photos with 06880.

  13. Jeff Giannone


  14. Wendy Crowther

    Yep. It’s the front of the old Y.

    Today I’d have to call this part of the Y “The Really Old Building.” That’s because, when I worked for the Y in the 1980s/90s, we called this oldest portion (sitting at the corner of Main & Post Rd.) “The Old Building.” It was old compared to the newer portion of the Y which we called the “New Building” (its true name was the Week’s Pavilion). Now the “New Y” is at the Y’s vintage Mahakeno, the old “New Building” (the Week’s Pavilion) is headed for the dump, and the “Really Old Building” thankfully remains in place, gargoyles and all.

    For auld lang syne!

  15. Stepford — I mean Westport — town hall

  16. Beth Berkowitz

    That’s the gargoyle on front of old Y. Oops I guess everyone beat me to it. Oh well.

  17. Maureen o'Driscoll

    Former Westport YMCA downtown

  18. Stephen Rubin

    Old YMCA bldg main and post.

  19. janet coughenour

    My comment is very late, just got in from church. IT IS THE OLD Y.

    Janet Coughenour

  20. Michelle Backus

    YMCA downtown over the doors of what used to be the main entrance yo the building. Opposite Dovecote.

  21. Patricia Apoian

    Isn’t that one of the newly visible gargoyles outside the old Y?

  22. Old YMCA, comments confirm my guess!

  23. Michael Calise

    since you pointed this out a few weeks ago – was this a short term memory test?

  24. The old Y/ firehouse

  25. Andrea Greenberg

    It’s from the Old YMCA!

  26. Margaret Hart Rynshall

    What a fun idea plus we get to see Lynn’s wonderful pictures! Thank you, 06880.

  27. It had become a “new” topic not long ago, when the ivy was pulled from the facade of the venerable “Y”… revealing that grimy little gargoyle face… that was an easy one, Dan…oh, oh, the toughies are coming…

  28. YMCA gargoyle on the entrance of the YMCA!!

  29. Jacque O'Brien

    I guessed it was the old Y building but am writing to say what a fun idea for the new year and to give my best to you Dan, and to Lynn Miller, a long friend and excellent photographer!

  30. Scott Broder

    How fun Lynn!!! I always loved that Old Y gargoyle ! The Broders love this, Julia and Scott

  31. Eric William Buchroeder 'SHS '70

    It’s Camp Mahackeno

  32. Jo Ann Davidson

    I was late guessing, but I got it right before checking the comments. Looks like every Sun at noon some of us will be glued to 06880 to guess and then check. Nifty feature.