What A Way To Start The Day

Westport firefighters don’t look for glory. They just do their job — and they do it very, very well.

Joe Valiante is retired, after 35 years of service. But the native Westporter continues to help.

Joe Valiante

Joe Valiante

On Wednesday morning he sat in the Commuter Coffee Shop, waiting for his wife and grandchild.

A customer abruptly went outside. His wife followed.

Then she raced back in, asking if anyone knew the Heimlich maneuver.

Joe gave a few quick thrusts, and dislodged a large piece of a roll.

The man and his wife thanked Joe. He went back inside. His wife and grandchild arrived.

“It was a good way to start the day,” Joe says simply.

No. It was a great, life-saving way.

16 responses to “What A Way To Start The Day

  1. Cathy Romano

    Once a fireman always a fireman. Great job Joe!

  2. Mary Ann Valiante DeVries

    It’s not just being at the right place, at the right time. It’s also knowing what to do. Great job Joe!

  3. Barbara Valiante

    Way to go, Joe….Thank God for you…

  4. Jeanie Romano Gurnari

    Go Joe Joe ! Great job!

  5. Dominick Romano

    Perfect response. Great job, Joe.

  6. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wow! Joe you made very, very many people joyous over your quick thinking and being able to save a life. May there always be some one on hand to assist you if help is ever needed……

  7. Fran Stamand

    That’s our Joe—always there for every body

  8. Vince Bufano

    I have known Joe for a long time I am not surprised by his quick life saving action Great Start to 2015 Great Job.

  9. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    Thank God for people like this.

  10. Bonnie Stiskal Wolk

    Donna’s Dad, I am not surprised by your quick action. You and your family are very kind, special people, who always think of others first.

  11. I’ve known joe since boyhood and he always been there when some one needs help.Great Job Joe.

  12. Joe is my sister in law’s brother. About 25 years ago we were all eating at Arcudi’s. Joe’s son Joey was about 10-12 years old and started choking. Joe asked his son if he was alright and Joey shook his head no. Joe did not need to do the maneuver that time because the Joey was able to cough it up, but man, you should have seen the lightening fast, controlled reaction from Joe Valiante the dad and Joe Valiente the fireman. What a good man. Happy 2015. xoxo

  13. Terry Santella Anzalone

    Great job Joe!!!

  14. Great job and we all love a success story. To learn how to save a life, Hands-Only CPR, obstructive airway management ( like Joe just did) and how to use an AED ( we have close to 200 here in Westport), go to westportems.org click on Training for our schedule. We can also come to you for these short free life saving skill training

  15. Milissa Gorman

    Great job Joe!

  16. Louis Gagliano

    That has been Joe and his attitude to helping people for many years, that is why we who know him call him a friend.

    Lou Gagliano