“It’s A Wonderful Life” Indeed!

Take out your earbuds. Move over, Spotify. You’re so old school, iTunes.

Staples students are embracing a cutting-edge new technology: radio.

But not just any radio: a 1940s-style radio drama.

WWPT_logoTomorrow (Friday, December 19, 11 a.m.), Jim Honeycutt’s Audio Production class and David Roth’s Theater 3 Acting class collaborate on a radio broadcast of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

They’ll use the original 1947 script — including advertisements from that long-ago time.

Two years ago, a similar WWPT-FM production won 1st and 2nd place awards in the John Drury national high school radio competition. Check it out:

It’s a phenomenal event — and a great undertaking. High school students incorporate live drama skills, sound effects and radio production into an entertaining, uplifting performance.

You can hear it locally on 90.3 FM. Or — in a modern twist unavailable during the Truman administration — you can listen to the livestream anywhere in the world. Just click on www.wwptfm.com, then go to “Listen Live” and “Click here to access the district stream.”

It is indeed a wonderful life!

5 responses to ““It’s A Wonderful Life” Indeed!

  1. This is fantastic. As a relatively “old guy” I listened to the Lux Radio Theater when I was a kid. The producer was Cecil B. deMille and the weekly shows were Hollywood’s best of the time. To watch the fantastically performed 21st Century production is a special treat for me. The young women and men who performed or otherwise helped produce this “Christmas Favorite” are to be congratulated heartily for adding to this years seasonal cheer. BRAVO!!!

  2. marc l. bailin

    This “Radio Play” is written by my client, the talented Mr. Joe Landry of Bridgeport. We’ll have licensed many hundreds of amateur productions by the time Holidays 2014 pulls to a close. Joe has also written a wonderful “Radio Play” of the classic film “Meet Me In St. Louis” which premiered at Bucks County Playhouse last year. And he’s also just workshopped a
    “Radio Play” version of “A Christmas Carol”, with music added by Kevin Connors, director of MTC (Musical Theatre of Ct). Proud to rep this piece and glad that Staples is one of our licensees!!
    Happy Holidays All. Marc

  3. Wow, was that the real Jimmy Stewart playing that 2012 edition? I am wildly impressed with George and all of the players!! It brought me to tears and I may hold the world record for how many times I’ve seen that old movie. The thing that’s wonderful about the Staples Players is that they are always first class! Bravo and I can’t wait for this edition!! Break a leg!

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Damn! Good stuff! Really really REALLY good stuff. I am so impressed, words fail me.
    I get a bit of the vibe from the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion” from NPR here too. Old meets new, and new meets old, and so on.
    Can’t wait for the latest Staples talent to take this on!
    Thanks Dan for sharing this morsel!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. I was chatting with one of the students, and he mentioned that he was working on this project in class. I had no idea that we would be able to hear it , at home. I absolutely love the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life” and bought the radio rendition a while back from Radio Spirits. I just heard the schools version on my iPad, and it was amazing What a wonderful experience for the students, and for those of at home, too. Thanks to all the hard work from the teachers at Staples. Hoping everyone has a healthy and happy 2015!