Lights Float Across Main Street

iFloat is a downtown oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

iFloat logoLast year, owner David Conneely thought of putting up decorations to brighten the drab Main Street scene. But he was too busy —  that’s what happens when you run a business that helps people slow down — so it never happened.

This year, he lit some candles. He wasn’t satisfied, but it was a start.

Yesterday, he read an “06880” post about another dismal, decorations-less downtown holiday season.

This morning — as in, 2 a.m. — David was hard at work adding color to the iFloat windows above Oscar’s.

iFloat lights 1

He’s proud of his work. And, he notes, he bought the lights locally. So he looks forward to bringing his receipt to the Spotted Horse, for a free dessert.

The view from inside.

The view from inside, looking toward Tavern on Main.


13 responses to “Lights Float Across Main Street

  1. Thank you, David. And thank you Millman and Aarons. Perhaps Town Hall should follow these examples. David Meth

  2. Dottie Cocotas

    You have the spirit of the holidays. Thank you for taking the time to do this for the town. Maybe others will follow your example.

  3. Arlene Avellanet

    Perhaps this will turn the tide. Westport was a colorful small town when we moved here 30 yrs ago. Now sophistication has quashed Christmas. Ho Ho Ho in a store window was clever – once.

  4. Stephanie Bass

    Gorgeous, David. You are a mutitalented man.

  5. I think that old E. F. Hutton ad campaign can be revised and updated to describe the impact of “06880.” Very nice job, David C.

  6. Nice job David- they look wonderful from the street

  7. Richard Spangenberg

    I must admit that I personally am quite disappointed by our downtown xmas spirit. I come from Bethlehem, PA. That town was an explosion of Dickens Christmas as the buildings fit it well. I grew up with that. I’d rather shop anywhere than Westport downtown as it is dreary and demoralizing. It’s shame for such a beautiful town. Maybe the Merchant’s Association needs to pressure the chain stores to step it up.

    Try this google search set to images:,%20pa%20christmas

  8. hallie stevens

    You can FLOAT in Westport for $100/hour as opposed to the very inexpensive city of Seattle for 50. Odd

  9. So where is Town Hall in response to these comments? When are they going to light up the spirit of Westport? Or don’t Jim Marpe and other town officials pass by Main Street or look at Town Hall at night. Perhaps they are taken in by the lovely little tree and lights at Millman and Aarons across from Town Hall..

  10. Come to Fairfield. Everything’s lit up there!

  11. Go, David !!! Merry Christmas.