Despite What It Looks Like, Compo Acres IS Open For Business This Holiday Season

Compo Acres 1

You just have to park in the back.

Well, the waaaaay back.

Compo Acres 2


10 responses to “Despite What It Looks Like, Compo Acres IS Open For Business This Holiday Season

  1. Landlord must really want to higher rents from new tenants regardless of the impact to existing long time business owners and their employees who work hard and have bills to pay. .

  2. What terrible timing for construction. I did park in the back this afternoon, and even there, I had trouble locating the door to the business I was looking for. The signage is pretty spotty in the back of the shopping center too.

  3. We ARE paying a higher rent at The Winged Monkey. we signed a new lease a year ago at market price. This landlord could care less about any existing tentant. He is getting the shopping center ready for chipotle and soul cycle at the expense of his current tenants. Wait until spring when he starts in again on the front of our store!

  4. Jayne Mauborgne

    I really can’t understand why this construction could not wait until January. They (whomever) must have known what this mess would do to sales in these stores. Who is in charge of giving these builders the “go-ahead)? Where is the loyalty for stores that have been doing business here for years? What is really going on?

  5. 06680 and Silver’s were warning about this last summer. The landlord is an anti-business Christmas Grinch, it would appear. No consideration for the tenants or Westporters.

  6. I was there yesterday at lunch time and the back was not blocked off. I went into trader joes and Choice Pet with no problem. Maybe the bottom photo is from another time? It look like they were pouring the sidewalk and handicap ramp for Patriot Bank so it would make sense why there is work in the front. But that front entry is a huge pain and always has been which is why I seldom use it to get into the center. Not sure how all this impacts the other tenants but you would think tenants like Chipotle or Soul Cycle drive up foot traffic for the rest of the tenants at the center. I would think Soul Cycle coming in would help a tenant like Robeks a lot.

    • Photo was from yesterday morning. James, you’ve commented before about Compo Acres Shopping Center — but no other “06880” stories. A quick Google search of “James Erlich Westport” does not bring up any references to you anywhere (besides “06880”). Is that your real name? If so (or not), are you associated in any way with the landlord, Equity One?

      • I am obviously not going to disclose my address but I am in no way affiliated, associated, etc. with the Landlord or any of the tenants at the center. The reason I comment on those posts is as a former landlord I feel their pain. I like this shopping center and use it often and frankly do not think it is as bad as everyone says. I normally chose not to comment on the internet in general but when I see something like this which appears to be in my opinion, contrary to what I see when I go out there, I feel compelled to post. I appreciate the work you do Dan and mostly enjoy your blog but I do not enjoy the ganging up that sometimes occurs in these comment sections.