No “Bah Humbug” Lights In Saugatuck!

Meanwhile, if you don’t like the (lack of) Christmas lights downtown — and many Westporters apparently don’t — just head a mile or so south.

Continuing their relatively new — but much-loved — tradition, Al’s Angels has made sure the Bridge Street* Bridge is a beacon of good cheer this holiday season.

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Al’s Angels does so much good, for children and families challenged by cancer, rare blood diseases, AIDS, domestic violence and financial hardship.

And for all the rest of us too, with so much to be grateful for already.

Thanks, Al’s Angels, for making Saugatuck shine even brighter!

*aka William Cribari


11 responses to “No “Bah Humbug” Lights In Saugatuck!

  1. Saugatuck, Saugatuck my kinda town!!

  2. Saugatuck,Saugatuck My kind of town!

  3. Thank you, Al’s Angels – and Dan, and Betsy! When I saw the colored lights on the bridge for the first time I got chills. They remind me of my childhood in Westport, when multi-colored lights adorned trees along the river by the Parker Harding center. As a boy I used to look forward to my mother driving us kids downtown to see them. Today, lights so often are just white, which can be lovely, but the red/blue/green combination struck a holiday tone with me that evoked childhood, Westport, family and happiness. Thank you! – William Adler (now a proud resident of Saugatuck!)

  4. I vote for Saugatuck to be the new downtown mmm

    • Mary, Saugatuck WAS once the center of town. Go see the fantastic “Saugatuck at Work” exhibit at the Westport Historical Society. Even as a lifelong Westporter, I learned much!

  5. Matthew Mandell

    The Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the Fairfield County Chorale to Carol the member restaurants in Saugatuck this Saturday Dec 20 starting at 7pm. So come and eat local and enjoy the holiday spirit.

  6. Betty Lou Cummings

    You are the best Al & Al’s Angels.. may God Bless you always. Merry Christmas with hugs, Betty Lou Cummings

  7. Sandra Wagenfeld

    Saugatuck is the best! The ‘little blue bridge’ is even more wonderful when those lights come on! Thanks to Al’s Angels, who really are.

  8. Al DiGuido, Pete Romano and the Gault family really do have Saugatuck cranked up. I was born and raised in the area and it has never looked so good.

  9. Now there is a part of town that still knows how to promote a true Christmas and Holiday feelings. Congrats to you all.

  10. they know how i feel >>>> they totally are angels !!! ( and I won’t Christmas shop in Westport) Marisol Laux