Bagels And Nails

The transformation from International House of Pancakes to Westport Pancake House was easy.

But pancake sales flattened. Westport’s most famous triangle-roofed building stayed vacant for 3 years.

Westport IHOP

A new tenant arrives soon. Thaeroa Nails and Spa will fill a crying need for one more nail salon in town.

It may be Westport’s biggest. It will definitely be the most difficult to pronounce.

Meanwhile, 20 yards away, Bagel Maven is set to reopen early this coming week. It’s not official — a note on the door (underneath a fan letter) says to check the Facebook page “Friends of Bagel Maven Alex” — but a reliable source advises all those friends that the long renovation is almost over.

Bagel Maven returns

Alex will be happy to slice your bagel. No reason to hurt those nails.

2 responses to “Bagels And Nails

  1. Wow, this gives me an idea what kind of business could take over my space. Not as dangerous to get out of my parking lot than the notorious left turn out of House Of Pancakes.

  2. Friends of Bagel Maven Alex (facebook page)

    Bagel Maven officially re-opens Tuesday December 16, 2014 at 6AM. Come by to welcome Alex back in business, thanks to the best town around!