4 Reasons To Watch Tonight’s Telecast Of “Peter Pan,” Besides The Fact That On Live TV, Anything Can Happen

  1. Westporter Kelli O’Hara plays Mrs. Darling.
  2. Weston resident Christopher Walken is Captain Hook.
  3. Staples Class of 2004 graduate Gina Rattan is associate director — as she was for the live broadcast of “Cinderella.”
  4. Staples grad Jeffrey Small is site coordinator.
Gina Rattan

Gina Rattan

(“Peter Pan” is live on NBC at 8 pm EST tonight — Thursday, December 4. Of course, you can always tape it…)


7 responses to “4 Reasons To Watch Tonight’s Telecast Of “Peter Pan,” Besides The Fact That On Live TV, Anything Can Happen

  1. I think Christopher Walken actually lives in Wilton, but we’ve seen him shopping at Weston Center.

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I will be watching. Had no idea how connected to this production Westport was. Peter Pan with Mary Martin, broadcast in the 50s, is one of my favorite television memories. I will be watching tonight and make sure that my 5 year old granddaughter watches too.

  3. Merri Mueller

    And Westport’s Melissa Joan Hart and he family will be featured in 5 Walmart commercials throughout tonight’s show.

  4. Break a leg! Hope it’s not panned like “Cinderella” seemed to be.
    Maybe the kids who watch the show should be writing the reviews!

    p.s. Walmart commercials really don’t rise to the occasion.

  5. I watched the entire show last night, primarily because I had never seen “Peter Pan,” and I thought it was dreadful! Christopher Walken was an embarassment — he can’t sing and his acting was wooden. I thought Allison Williams was fine as Peter, but that was about it. The entire production seemed amateurish. I’ve seen better shows at local community theatres, and at Staples!

  6. Good for you, Bobbie, for watching the entire show (I had no idea it would be three hours long! Too long for kids and adults alike!). I watched only ten minutes, precisely.
    And yes, your review seems to match what others have written today.

    Better luck next time (if there is one).

    p.s. I meant to refer to “The Sound of Music”, not “Cinderella”.

    • Bobbie Herman

      It also seems much too late to keep youngsters up to watch it (unless the parents taped it and showed it earlier another day).