Giving Thanks, “06880”-Style

Thank you.

Thank you to Westport, for being — despite the ease and frequency with which we/I often knock it — a wonderful, warm, creative, arts-supporting, involved and ever-evolving community.

Thank you to all who make it so. As Westport prepares for the future — with new retail and residential developments on both sides of the river downtown, and in Saugatuck; with senior housing in the works, and many more changes in store — we are not all on the same page. But in our own way, each of us wants what is best for our town. And, thankfully, we are nowhere near as dysfunctional as Washington.

Thank you to the people I spend so much time with: Westport’s teenagers. You are smart, passionate, compassionate and clever. You work far harder than I did when I was at Staples. You’ve got far more pressures on you than I had. Yet you handle it all with maturity and poise (most of the time). And you do it with plenty of smiles.

Thank you to the readers of “06880.” You are never without opinions, information and feedback. You feed me ideas and photos. You read my words at 5 a.m., noon and midnight. And when I tell you sorry, I can’t post a story about your lost cat/upcoming book signing/daughter’s lemonade stand, you (for the most part) understand.

Those are my thanks, this Thanksgiving day 2014. I’d love to hear yours. And — more importantly — so would everyone else in this great “06880” community. Just click “Comments” below.

Thank you!

I am thankful I live in a beautiful town. I am also thankful I'm not a turkey.

I am thankful I live in a beautiful town. I am also thankful I’m not a turkey.

23 responses to “Giving Thanks, “06880”-Style

  1. Maureen O'Driscoll

    Agree, I, too, am thankful for our town of Westport and all those who serve it so faithfully. Thank you for this blog and your insight and humor. You are a gem 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving Dan!

  2. I loved today’s post about gratitude towards this magnificent town we live in. Many thanks to you and 06680 for keeping us informed. 🙂

  3. Thanks to you Dan for your enjoyable, informative and quixotic 06880!
    However I belueve you meant to say 2014, not 2013. Happy Turkey Day Dan.
    Best to your mom and sisters!


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Dan!!

    fyi it’s 2014 [already] 🙂 Cherie

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  5. Thanks Dan for creating one of the GREATEST platforms for all Westporters! Thankyou also fellow 06880 neighbors for sharing your opinions, differences, similarities….life experiences…. and we must all remember to be thankful for those who ” park within the lines!”. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  6. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Dan, well said! I am thankful that I grew up in Westport as my parents did also. I am thankful that you keep those of us who live far away now, in touch with Westport and what is going on there. You are one of a kind, Dan. Thank you for all that you do for us so that we may remain in touch with our roots!

  7. I wouldn’t be so aware of the town’s events and adventures without you. Thank you, mmm

  8. In an era of shrinking local newspaper coverage, I am very grateful for all of the town news you provide (along with all of the human interest stories and historical pieces). When my family moved here in 1963, the local paper was the Town Crier–and you have certainly matched or surpassed that in many respects. The only thing truly missing here is the column the Town Crier used to have on new residents in town…..just kidding.

    • THANKS, Fred! The Town Crier also reported every traffic violation in town (including speeding tickets, missing headlights, etc.), and every divorce (including the reason given, like intolerable cruelty and infidelity). Those were the days…

  9. Michael Calise

    Yes Dan- you are Westport’s modern day Town Crier and we are all thankful for the platform you have created. Keep ringing that bell Dan!

  10. Estelle T. Margolis

    I am grateful for you, Dan. I have been better informed about our town than any other source.

  11. Rev. Debra Haffner

    And we are thankful for you. (And someone else has told you it’s 2014, yes?)

  12. I’m thankful for the new Levitt Pavillon

  13. Is the soccer “Turkey Bowl” still an ongoing Westport tradition?

    • Yes! We had over 70 alumni, current players and younger kids up at Wakeman today — playing, laughing and sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition!

  14. Thanks to you Dan.

  15. Dan, You do a great service to the Westport community. No matter where we are in the world, you keep Westport in our minds – and hearts.
    So, thanks to you for all you do for all of us.

  16. I am thankful that i grew up in such a wonderful town. Although i moved away in 1970 to London with my family and have only driven through Westport from time to time since then, my childhood memories of Greens Farms, Long lots and my sophmore year at Staples have stayed deeply embedded in me. It truly was an ideal place to grow up during the 60’s, and even though it is a priviledged and protected town in comparison with the rest of the world, i still believe it was the perfect place to grow up. Thanks for your blog, Dan. I enjoy reading it over here in Zürich.

  17. Thankful for you, Dan. I look forward every day to your posts. Grazie Mille!

  18. As usual, nicely said, Dan. Hope your day was as nice as ours.