Hey, Everyone Has To Learn To Drive Sometime

Seen on the Post Road, near Stop & Shop:

student driver

(Hat tip to Howard Silver.)

3 responses to “Hey, Everyone Has To Learn To Drive Sometime

  1. Give ’em plenty of room

  2. Joyce Barnhart

    While I hope there won’t be one of those busses there, many student drivers use the Long Lots parking lot to practice. I often see them from my spot in the Westport Community Gardens. I especially enjoy seeing the “student riders”, kids learning to ride 2-wheelers, in the same lot. Fortunately they have never both been there at the same time. It won’t be all that long before those same riders are drivers. The pleasures of a small town.

  3. A friend of mine shared with me the fact that she was behind a tractor trailer that was driven by a student driver. She was on a two-lane high way–double-yellow line. The truck was speeding along at SEVEN miles an hour.