WTF? Alpacas In Westport!

A mother and daughter are enjoying life at Wakeman Town Farm.

A mother and daughter alpaca, that is.

The woolly llama-like creatures came here yesterday from a farm in Clinton, Connecticut. Mother LeMay and daughter Autumn Joy are already getting along nicely with WTF’s goats and sheep.

LeMay (left) and Autumn Joy.

LeMay (left) and Autumn Joy.

In other Wakeman news, steward Carrie Aitkenhead has joined the blogosphere. WTFCarrie is a lively spot to keep up with farm happenings, and read all about favorite animals and season recipes.

Recent stories covered recycling, a “green” greenhouse and chili.

I’m sure the alpacas will get their day in the sun too.


4 responses to “WTF? Alpacas In Westport!

  1. WTF? At first glance I suspected cyber profanity and then I read on.
    I gave a buddy of mine a Wakeman Town Farm baseball cap (WTF) and he can’t walk ten feet without being greeted with big smiles.

  2. I love alpacas !!! Must get up there soon. (And I must agree with Gil that my brain immediately goes somewhere other than Wakeman Town Farm when I see WTF)

  3. Joyce Barnhart

    Their wool is valuable,. I think they are also usefull in protecting sheep from wolves – or coyotes, probably, too. They are sturdy as pack-animals, too – and boy! – they’re sure cute, too, aren’t they?

  4. Marcy Anson Fralick

    Yeah, my mind went to the other WTF, too. Llamas and Alpacas are big business where I lived in CO as they’re great pack animals if you’re hiking Fourteeners (14,000 ft mountains) and packing in camping gear. They’re really good at high altitude, and we lived at 10,000 ft, so there were lots of Alpaca/Llama farms all over the state in and near the mountains. The only problem is they spit. That’s pretty nasty if they spit on you, but otherwise, they’re basically sweet, gentle animals. And their fur/hair is also in high demand, so they’re pretty profitable animals to raise.