Aaaaargh!!! It’s Here!!!

Heard a moment ago at Playhouse Square:

Please, just kill me now.

10 responses to “Aaaaargh!!! It’s Here!!!

  1. Robin Scarella

    Could not have said better!!

  2. Today is All Saints Day. Not Halloween. Not Christmas.
    Remembrance Day, November 11th, is all that matters now.

  3. Dan, Dan, Dan, they waited until November. I’m not sure why you’re upset as there are no major holidays between Christmas and today. 🙂

    • November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada, and Veterans Day in the U.S.
      Certainly not a holiday for either of us.

      You have a Thanksgiving to look forward to. Canada’s is in October, before the weather turns on the prairies (and so, the CFL season).

  4. Debby Oestreicher

    The Hallmark Channel has a Christmas movie scheduled for today. It has begun. But again, It is November 1. Not too shabby considering the retail universe.

  5. Pamela Pollak

    Yesterday afternoon, Stop and Shop had cleared out its Halloween merchandise and displayed its Christmas stuff.

  6. Dan! You are awesome! I heard a Christmas song during the month of September this year!

  7. Here in Southern ca, they have had Xmas stuff up at Walmart for several weeks !

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    Stop and Shop in Trumbull, CT had Christmas stuff up, right along with the Halloween stuff, about two weeks ago. I experienced instant Retail-Depression-Reaction-Syndrome (shopping warning: side effects include nausea, confusion, weak muscles, suicidal thoughts, headache).

  9. Chett Rubenstein

    Thanks for the belly laugh!