Which Of These Halloween Candy Wrappers Seems Different From The Rest?

Halloween candy

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  1. Can Halloween just be about Halloween please!

  2. You must be kidding!

  3. Elizabeth Thibault

    It’s a whole lot better than the loads of useless mailers that inundate our mailboxes. Can’t tell what anyone believes in, but they all detail their spouse, 2.2 kids, dog, and the candidates alma mater. Give me candy any day!

  4. Michael Calise

    Higher Taxes – Bloated Budgets- More Government – Less Freedom

  5. It would be great to find out what a candidate really believes in so I am going to ask Mr. Steinberg to respond–since he is being highlighted. I read his essay in the Westport News and he seems to avoid speaking about the financial condition of CT and taxes. As a background, CT is in the worst financial shape and other than Illinois–we are at the bottom. This is a ticking time bomb and we could leave our children with a real mess in CT. Here are just some of the statistics:

    a) Wages and salaries in CT have dropped since 2010 compared to the rest of New England that grew by over 3.5% and the US by over 4.7%
    b) CT ranks 46th by CNBC for doing business
    c) CT spends 20% of state revenue just to pay the debt service and payments on retiree funds for state workers–one of the worst in the US.
    d) CT is not close to fully funding its long term debt obligations–if we did–it would cost about 40% of state revenue. CT ranks almost last in debt per capita in the US.
    e) CT has the third highest cost of living–people retiring are the leaving the state
    f) CT has out of control spending-had to raid the states Special Transportation Fund to cover operating costs–we could NOT pay our bills. And our debt continues to climb.

    Mr. Steinberg if re-elected:

    1) You will vote against any increase in the states income tax? Yes or no? Just a simple answer will do (remember we just went thru the largest increase in the states history)
    2) Will you vote to limit the use of overtime for pensions for state employees allowing them to retire with pension plans paying them over $200K a year? Yes or no?
    3) Will you vote to cut spending? Yes or no? And since you have been in office–where would you cut spending? Please be specific.
    4) Will you vote to repeal the state’s 8-30g housing law that could ruin Westport?

  6. “Can Halloween just be about Halloween please!”

  7. Pretty Please!!!!!!!

  8. Yikes! Is this guy going with a bigger is better campaign?
    210 calories to run off.

  9. Ooohhhhh, i’ll take the STEINBERG
    bar !!! OK–how very clever and a full sized treat to boot–a clear winner

    Betsy p Kahn

  10. If a chocolate bar is all it takes to satify ones political concerns then I am in! … a clear panacea for all! Candyland for everyone! Wish it were just that simple!

  11. Since we’re off the candy trail and continuing to focus on the campaign trail…. As Bart suggested….I assume each of the candidates read this blog religiously, So I am surprised neither has answered your questions…which are all valid. It upsets me to think of Connecticut as one of the last states regarding job growth. Union and pension obligations continue to plague us and it seems that all our politicians are capable of doing is putting a bandaid on an arterial wound. Okay, seriously…back to Candyland!

  12. So the truth comes out AFTER the election and now in the coming fiscal year–we face a $1.4 Billion+ deficit. DEFICIT!!

    Hopefully all those that decided to vote for Malloy enjoy the tax increases and potential toll booths on I-95 while Malloy continues to give away costly benefits to the unions he needed to support him. Connecticut is starting to be known as ‘The Detroit on the Sound’. As more and more people leave the state, those that stay will be left with very high taxes.