Another Little Kitchen

How many little kitchens — er, Little Kitchens — can Westport support?

At least 2.

There’s the pan-Asian place in Compo Shopping Center. Up sprouts Leera Little Thai Kitchen, which is taking over the “Make & Mingle” storefront across from the old post office.

(Photo and hat tip/JP Vellotti)

(Photo and hat tip/JP Vellotti)

That strip of Post Road East was once home to La Villa (before that, Mr. Sandwich), S&M (and later Joe’s) Pizza, Baskin-Robbins and Häagen-Dazs.

Now there’s Finalmente, Post 154, Blue Lemon and Westport Pizzeria. Plus Leera Little Thai Kitchen.

Very quietly, that section of town is becoming a foodie’s destination. Who knew?

6 responses to “Another Little Kitchen

  1. Z


  2. I want the return of the original Ships in the space that Tiffany usurped. They had the best chowder in the universe, and great salads.

  3. Sherri Wolfgang-Peyser

    Mr. Sandwich shop!?
    Rip the Rea family.
    Jack, Florie, Louise..

  4. I can’t remember which of the two spaces pictured above used to house something called Zuppa back in the 90s but I still miss their soups. Could go for some right now…

  5. Hopefully, you won’t have to pay $25 to reserve a table.
    The “Uber-ization of restaurants”. Really?

  6. Casting a vote for return of Ship’s Corner Chinese…and that space is available!!